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Most take-ons completed: La Liga 2021/22 season

By Harry Edwards

Most take-ons completed: La Liga 2021/22 season

Published: 12:25, 13 September 2021

La Liga has a number of players who love nothing more than taking on their opposition man, and are pretty hand at winning their personal duels.

Not only is a successful take-on so good to watch, especially when players weave through defenders, it can also be the difference between three points and zero and the best dribblers can command huge transfer fees.

Shock horror, Lionel Messi was the dribbling king last season. The Argentine was one of just two players to complete 100+ take-ons in La Liga in 2020/21, completing 159 in total, more than any other player across Europe’s top five leagues. But he’ll obviously relinquish that crown after departing Barcelona for PSG.

There was a gap of 38 to second-placed Javi Galan whose 121 completed take-ons is made even more remarkable by the fact he did them in a team (Huesca) that ended up being relegated at the end of the campaign. Nabil Fekir completed the top three, but he only managed 85 take-ons, highlighting just how far ahead Galan and Messi were.

With Messi gone, things are a lot closer this season with Vinícius Júnior and Yannick Carrasco currently tied for first after four games having both completed 15 take-ons, two ahead of Javi Galán and Nabil Fekir. Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong is the only other player to hit double figures for take-ons, but a number of other stars are close.

So who will be the dribble king in the absence of Messi? Keep track of the top 10 dribblers below as the 2021/22 campaign progresses.

Most take-ons completed La Liga 2021/22 season: Current standings

Players with the same amount of take-ons are separated by minutes played. Stats correct as of 11:30, 13/09/21.

Position Player Take-ons Minutes Played
1st Vinícius Júnior 15 completed 222
2nd Yannick Carrasco 15 completed 339
3rd Nabil Fekir 13 completed 262
4th Javi Galán 13 completed 359
5th Frenkie de Jong 10 completed 251
6th Kike Barja 9 completed 129
7th Óscar Trejo 9 completed 235
8th Nacho Vidal 9 completed 360
9th Adrià Pedrosa 8 completed 225
10th Mauro Arambarri 8 completed 270