About Us

Your best friend while watching a live football match on TV

Your Second Screen

We know that lots of you like to browse online while watching matches on TV. That’s why we’ve built Squawka. Squawka delivers you real-time data on the football match you are watching on TV alongside social chat.

Stats Worth Sharing

Squawka is all about giving you ‘Stats worth Sharing’. We want you to be able to have informed discussions with other fans during matches. So, once you have found an interesting stat you want to share, tell your friends and followers on Facebook & Twitter.

Squawka is multi-platform

You can access our products on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Squawka in London

Squawka is based in London, UK. We have built this product for UK-based football fans but recognise football is a global game with interest from all four corners of the world. In the near future we will inform you of expansion into other markets and languages.