FIFA 20: How to get the best out of Barcelona on VOLTA Football

By Harry Edwards

FIFA 20 tips: How to get the best out of Barcelona on VOLTA Football

Published: 11:23, 15 March 2020

We’re now in March and for some players, FIFA 20 might be getting a bit old.

Campaigns will have been completed, Ultimate Team may be too easy and Pro Clubs wins little more than routine.

But that doesn’t mean you need to be done with FIFA 20. Not by a long shot. Because there’s still VOLTA Football.

We’re not talking about the journey-style mode, a throwback of sorts to FIFA Street’s Career Mode. Just the simple kick-off.

With the possibility to use every team that comes with FIFA 20, there are a variety of different options to keep the game fresh depending on who you pick.

Barcelona are one of the best overall teams on FIFA 20, boasting a whole host of star players. But how can you get the best out of them on FIFA 20 VOLTA Football?

3v3 rush

Starting off with complete chaos, 3v3 rush is one of the most exciting game modes if you like goals. But that’s why it’s key you have a good formation to keep you on top of your opponents, with just three players each and no goalkeepers.

FIFA 20 Barcelona Volta Football 3v3 rush

For Barcelona, the 0-2-1 provides an interesting prospect given the players on their cards. Although there are two defenders fielded, it’s by no means a defensive formation, and you’ll need players who can help in attack.

That’s why Jordi Alba is the first choice, with good defending and attacking attributes. His 89 pace will enable the Spaniard to join the attack, as will 84 dribbling and three-star skill moves. But his 79 defending is good enough for solidity at the back.

Joining him in the deeper role can be Frenkie de Jong, another all-round player who can contribute in both aspects of the game. The Dutchman boasts a decent 80 pace, 84 passing and 88 dribbling to go alongside 76 defending and 78 physical – not to mention four-star skill moves for that close control on the streets.

And, of course, leading the line is none other than Lionel Messi. Made for the streets, Messi‘s 87 pace, 96 dribbling and four-star skill moves make him one of the better players in VOLTA mode. But he causes just as much damage when he releases the ball, whether it be shooting or passing, both coming in with a rating of 92 for Messi.


Although 4v4 is just 3v3 rush with goalkeepers, it may not be best to mimic the formation. With the added security of having a goalkeeper, there’s no need to be too defensive.

FIFA 20 Barcelona Volta Football 4v4

In this instance, the 1-2-0 might be best for Barcelona, with one dedicated defender and two attackers who can also help at the back when required.

With Marc-Andre ter Stegen the obvious choice in goal, Samuel Umtiti is the best option for the sole defender in this formation, utilising his 68 pace – which isn’t great but still good enough. On top of that, the Frenchman has 85 defending, 80 physical and 69 passing if you need him to be a bit more than just a stopper.

Moving further up the pitch, it may be tempting to have Messi in the team but there is some defending required – and the superstar doesn’t rate highly on FIFA 20 in that regard. But you can replace him with Antoine Griezmann whose 57 defending is not high but is one of the best among Barcelona’s attackers. He combines this with his good attacking attributes of 80 pace, 96 shooting, 89 dribbling and four-star skill moves.

Partner him with Luis Suarez, another Barcelona attacker with 50+ defending and quality finishing of 89. Suarez is slightly slower with 73 pace but can still get up and down the shorter pitches both on and off the ball with 84 dribbling.

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4v4 rush

If you want 4v4 but fancy the rush of having no goalkeeper, then you’ll need another new formation. For 4v4 rush with Barcelona, we recommend the 2-1-1 Pyramid.

FIFA 20 Barcelona Volta Football 4v4 rush

It’s a slightly defensive formation but it will allow the striker to be free to focus on getting the goals.

Alba returns as a defender with pace – a requirement – and is joined by Nelson Semedo, who is essentially a right-footed version of his teammate. Semedo is faster with 92 pace and is only slightly worse with 77 defending. But he will be able to get up and down the pitch if you do need him to, with 82 dribbling and 91 stamina.

Stamina is particularly key for the midfield role in this formation as they’ll be required to contribute to both defence and attack. For Barcelona, Arturo Vidal is an ideal candidate. The Chilean has 86 stamina and 83 strength so won’t tire on the smaller pitches, not to mention his 85 defending and 79 shooting – although you won’t be needing that as much with your attacker.

No surprise, Messi makes a return to this formation as he can focus on getting the goals without having to worry about being caught short defensively.


The final options are 5v5 or Futsal, both of which will share similar game plans – one just being more official.

FIFA 20 Barcelona Volta Football 5v5, Futsal

For Barcelona, the 2-0-2 Square is an unusual formation but it’s certainly one that can work.

As the 0 indicates, there’s no midfielders in his formation, only two defenders and two attackers, so a balanced all-round outfield foursome is key.

The defensive partnership of Alba and Semedo return for this one, with good defending and pace ensuring you don’t get caught out too often if they do join the attack.

And up front, once again, it may be best to avoid Messi due to his low defensive attributes, sticking with the attacking duo of Griezmann and Suarez who will do well enough in his stead. But then again, he is Messi.