FIFA 20: How to get the best out of Manchester United on VOLTA Football

By Harry Edwards

FIFA 20 VOLTA: How to get the best out of Manchester United | Gaming advice & tips

Published: 12:30, 13 March 2020

FIFA 20 has been out for quite a while now and for some players, things might be getting a bit stale.

You might have secured domination of your league in Career Mode, in charge of a team now full of made-up players. Maybe you’ve got all the best players in Ultimate Team and things are just too easy. Or maybe you’re in Division 1 on Pro Clubs and want to retire while things are hot, ready to talk about your record for years to come – rather than ending on a low.

But you’re not done with FIFA. Not yet. And that’s where VOLTA Football comes in. We’re not talking about the journey-style mode, a throwback of sorts to FIFA Street’s Career Mode. Just the simple kick-off.

With the possibility to use every team that comes with FIFA 20, there are a variety of different options to keep the game fresh depending on who you pick.

We’ve started off with one of the biggest clubs in the world, Manchester United. Despite some low points this season, they boast a solid FIFA 20 squad. But how can you get the best out of them on FIFA 20 VOLTA Football?

3v3 rush

Starting off with the most minimal of games, a 3v3 rush. Three players each, no goalkeepers. Expecting goals, it’s key that you have a good formation to keep you on top of your opponents.

FIFA 20 VOLTA: Man Utd's 3v3 rush formation

One of the most ideal formations for the 3v3 rush is the 1-1-1, a simple line that can be so effective.

The 1-1-1, as its name may allude, has one player for each position – a defender, a midfielder and an attacker. To get the best out of it, you need players who are capable in both defence and attack, sharing the load to ensure you’re not caught out at either end.

Starting at the back, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is the best Man Utd defender for this formation with 81 defending and 73 physical, ensuring he’ll be tough to beat. But he can also get forward in-game, especially in VOLTA with an 87 pace rating, four-star skill moves and medium attacking work rate. He won’t score the goals, but he’ll be a menace.

In midfield, it may be tempting to go with Paul Pogba. In this system, though, Fred might be the better option. The Brazilian has solid stats across the board including ratings of 81 for dribbling and 73 for defending, making him the perfect midfielder in a 1-1-1. Fred also boasts four-star weak foot and four-star skill moves, two must-have features for street football.

Picking who leads your line is pretty much a no-brainer. You play Marcus Rashford. Man Utd might not be able to call on him but you can, with 83 shooting, 84 dribbling, 94 pace and five-star skill moves. His defending isn’t great at 45. But as far as Man United forwards go, it’s up there. Unless you want to play another midfielder in this position, in which case Pogba is a good alternative.


Although 4v4 is essentially just 3v3 rush with goalkeepers, it may not be best to just mimic the formation. With the added safety net of having a goalkeeper behind you, there’s no need for the fluid formation.

FIFA 20 VOLTA: Man Utd's 4v4 formation

For Man United, a 1-2-0 triangle works well with the players at their disposal. Although there is a goalkeeper, it’s still quite useful to have a defender in the line-up.

In this system, Harry Maguire is the better option for his solidity with 82 defending and 84 physical providing a good screen for David de Gea in goal. Maguire’s biggest problem is his lack of pace but if you restrain from trying to run with him, instead just passing, it won’t be a bit limitation.

The first of the attacking two players is Fred once more, with his all-round ability going to be key as he joins in defence on top of contributing to the goals. Partner him with Pogba this time, who can be the more attacking of the two players, using his 81 shooting and 85 dribbling, as well as five-star skill moves. But he can also chip in at the back with 66 defending.

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4v4 rush

If you want 4v4 but fancy the rush of having no goalkeeper, then you’ll need another new formation. For 4v4 rush, the best to use is the 1-1-2 The Y.

FIFA 20 VOLTA: Man Utd's 4v4 rush formation

A very offensive formation, The Y is great if you like to play with a high press, with two strikers placed up the pitch. But it also provides some stability at the back with the defender completely dedicated to defending.

For that reason, Maguire is once again the best defensive option, with no restrictions coming from his poor attacking stats. With his frame and physicality, Maguire’s as good as a goalkeeper in 4v4 rush and his passing will be good enough to move the ball out from the back.

In the midfield role, Fred makes another appearance as Man United’s dynamite man, helping Maguire with the defending thanks to his decent attributes and high defensive work rate. Fred’s presence will allow the two attacking players to press without care.

The first of those is Rashford who has the attacking work rate and pace to hassle opposition defenders. And when he gets the ball, Rashford is likely to score with his high attacking attributes. A good partner for him is Daniel James.

Like Rashford, James is full of pace (95) and has high attacking work rates that will make him a menace for opponents to deal with. James’ finishing isn’t too great, at least compared to Rashford, but it is still good enough to be worthy of a place in the starting four.


If you want more players for your team, then 5v5 or Futsal provide a good option for a fuller game.

FIFA 20 VOLTA: Man Utd's 5v5, Futsal formation

One of the better formations in 5v5 and Futsal is the 1-2-1 Diamond, with one striker, two midfielders and a guaranteed defender on top of the goalkeeper.

Another team where Maguire is the best defensive option, the English centre-back is solid enough at the back to back up for his lack of pace – although that won’t really be needed.

In this formation, the midfielders need to be good at both attacking at defending, almost appearing as wing-backs if this were an 11-a-side game.

On one side, Pogba is a great choice, with good attacking attributes and 85 physical that will make him an imposing presence in the middle of the pitch. In both 5v5 and Futsal, Pogba’s five-star skill moves and four-star weak foot will be essential to get past opponents.

Filling up the other flank, Scott McTominay makes for an interesting option. Not the greatest going forward, McTominay will be the more defensive of the two midfielders, with 76 defending and 82 physical. But he isn’t without his attacking uses, with 70 shooting.

Spearheading the attack could be Rashford but let’s not forget about Anthony Martial. The Frenchman is a good attacker with 89 pace and 81 shooting and will get through defenders with 85 dribbling. Martial will likely stick up the pitch when you’re being attacked, so will also be a good option on the fast counter.

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