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FPL chips explained: How to use Wildcards, Bench Boost, Triple Captain and Free Hit in 2023/24

By Jonathan Davies

FPL chips explained

Published: 15:24, 9 August 2023

Another new season is rapidly approaching and fans can once again get involved in the Premier League’s popular fantasy football game, FPL.

Supporters have the opportunity to channel their inner Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp by creating their own fantasy teams — consisting of 11 players and four substitutes — within a budget of £100 million.

Important match contributions like goals, assists and clean sheets will be rewarded with points, which can be boosted by utilising a selection of chips throughout the season.

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There are five chips available across a season — only one of which can be used in a single gameweek. Here is how they all work…

Bench Boost

This chip will enable all 15 players within your squad to score points during the respective gameweek, including all four of your substitutes.

The Bench Boost can only be used once a season, though it can be cancelled any time before a gameweek deadline.

We would recommend that you look to play this chip during double gameweeks, or when your players in question have a favourable fixture.

Triple Captain

FPL triple captain

Every week throughout the season, you will allocate the captain’s armband to a single player in your team. He will subsequently score double the points he has accumulated.

However, you will go one better should you opt to utilise the Triple Captain chip.

Like the Bench Boost, this may only be used once a season, but can be cancelled any time before a gameweek deadline if you have second thoughts.

Do you have a striker in red-hot form who is set to face two favourable opponents in a double gameweek? If so, then might well be the time to strike.

Free Hit

The Free Hit chip will enable you to make unlimited free transfers for a single gameweek, though it only comes into effect once you confirm those transfers.

Then at the next deadline, your squad will return to how it was at the start of that particular gameweek.

When this chip is used is entirely at the manager’s discretion, though it may be when in need of a substantial points surge — maybe up the table, or increasing your lead.

But be warned — the Free Hit chip can only be used once in a season and cannot be cancelled once confirmed, so use it well!


Managers will be allocated one free transfer for every gameweek throughout the season.

However, the Wildcard chip will enable all transfers for that particular gameweek to be made free of charge.

Managers are allocated two of these chips, which can only be used once in either half of the season.

Again, it is worth noting that these cannot be cancelled once confirmed, so be mindful of how you utilise the option.

Unlike the Free Hit chip, transfers will not be reversed once the gameweek has finished. Your Wildcard changes will stay in place should you choose not to make any further transfers.