Squawka Comparison Matrix

1. Pick your players: Search our Opta-powered database for the players or teams you want to compare by clicking the blank player cards above. You can select up to five.

2. ‘Total’ or ‘Per90’? Toggle between the two options immediately above the player cards. The latter provides a per-90-minute average based on the amount of game time recorded by your selected player(s).

3. Edit stats: Click the ‘Edit Stats’ button to browse nine categories, from ‘Attack’ to ‘Defensive Actions’.

4. Settle the Messi vs Ronaldo debate once and for all*: Select your stats, sit back and start drafting an ‘I told you so’ message on the theory you just proved.

*Disclaimer: You definitely won’t be able to settle the Messi vs Ronaldo debate once and for all.

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