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When does Squawka release their betting tips?

Previews covering predictions, head-to-head records, team stats, betting odds and insights were released for every single 2021 NFL game around three days before kick-off. We also produce special in-depth pre-match analysis on the biggest games (such as the upcoming Super Bowl).

Our most popular NFL betting markets

NFL accumulators

Accumulators are a popular way of enjoying the NFL season. Punters can select the Moneyline (head-to-head) winner of each contest on bet on the Spread, combining multiple games on one bet.

Punters may also combine a series of proposition bets on individual players or teams as a whole and combine them. Prop bets are made on a player, or team, over the course of a single game or an entire season.

Outright tips

There are a series of outright markets such as Super Bowl Champion, NFC and AFC winner, Division winner, team to make the playoffs and team to select #1 overall in the NFL Draft.

In addition, there are multiple outright award markets such as Most Valuable Player, Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year and Coach of the Year.

NFL Totals Betting (Over & Under)

NFL Total Betting are markets that allow the bookmaker to set a line in the sand to allow punters to choose one outcome or the other. These markets usually relate to individual games and involve points totals, yards totals and touchdown totals.

For example, if a line is set a 50.5 total points for a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins, if you took the over at 28-23 win (51 points) for either team would result in a winning bet.

Over/under totals can also relate to an individual team, or players, game or season totals. A bookmaker could set the over/under for Aaron Rodgers to throw 39.5 touchdowns in a season.

How to bet on the NFL

There are several ways you can bet on an individual NFL game and the season as a whole.

Spread betting is the most popular NFL market in the United States. It works by giving a handicap – a certain number of points – to the favoured team to even up the betting odds in a contest. Both sides of the bet will come in just below Evens.

Moneyline betting is the simple head-to-head battle between two teams during an individual NFL game. Both spread and Moneyline bets can be parlayed with proposition bets to boost the odds of a bet.

Future and outright markets are popular throughout the season, as is over/under betting on yards, touchdowns and even win totals.

You can read our betting glossary by clicking here.

NFL betting odds explained

The American NFL markets use a +/- system centred around a single bet of $100 and is used across all NFL markets

For example, on a future bet such as Most Valuable Player Award winner, each individual player will be designated a value based on the likelihood of said player winning the award. Say Patrick Mahomes has odds of +1000, this would mean a bet of $100 would earn a return profit of $1000.

When negative odds are attributed to a player (–100, -200) it means the bet is odds on. A –333 translates to 3, -1000 translates to 1/10 and so on. A –1000 bet of $100 would return a profit of $10.00.