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Pantomime PSG, ‘Liverpool lite’ Leipzig & your new favourite player – The Squawka Talker

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Pantomime PSG, 'Liverpool lite' Leipzig & your new favourite player
The Squawka Talker football podcast

Published: 9:45, 16 March 2020

Timings for this week’s topics on the Squawka Talker football podcast:

00:03:25 – 00:15:35 | Mourinho‘s footballing lesson

“He’s getting paid double Pochettino to find solutions to the problems and he’s exacerbating them.”

00:15:35 – 00:21:49 | It’s official: RB Leipzig are *the* Dark Horse

“Laimer looked like a little Busquets!”

00:22:05 – 00:32:17 | Why Iličić is your new favourite player

“The Papu party hasn’t even started yet… Atalanta could get even more fun.”

00:32:17 – 00:44:49 | Pantomime villains PSG knock out Dortmund
“He’s the second-best player in the world when he’s fit… it’s not even close.”00:44:49 – 01:00:05 | Atletico Madrid eliminate Liverpool

“Goalkeepers have defined Jurgen Klopp‘s Champions League career at Liverpool.”

01:00:05 – END | Premier League predictions

“I think Everton are going to reap the whirlwind… this is going to be an absolute massacre.”

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