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NEW SQUAWKA TALKER PODCAST EP: ‘He’s doing what Wenger did in 2006’

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Champions League 20/21 knockout predictions & group stage review
The Squawka Talker football podcast

Published: 12:20, 17 December 2020

The latest Squawka Talker football podcast reviews the 2020/21 Champions League group stage, and predicts the upcoming knockout phase.

William Hill sponsor this Champions League special, where host Jake Entwistle is joined by Muhammad Butt, Sam Long and Will Hall.

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1. The most exciting last-16 UCL tie is… | START – 00:01:10

‘That guy really doesn’t like English managers who were given big jobs early in their careers.’

2. Why Group H was unique | 00:05:20 – 00:14:05

‘A chance for revenge against the Champions League’s most traumatised team.’

3. The most dangerous runner-up | 00:14:05 – 00:28:01

‘Atlético will prove whether Edouard Mendy is an elite goalkeeper or just “not Kepa”.’

4. The group stage MVP | 00:28:01 – 30:59

‘If he equalled Drogba and Benzema for hat-tricks, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation’

6. What’s wrong with Leo? | 00:30:59 – 00:38:38

‘It’s finally happened. Messi’s disappointed us.’

7. Big favourites and dark horses | 00:38:38 – 00:47:57

‘They give off locker room vibes. They keep slapping each other in the face’

8. Which English team goes furthest? | 00:47:57 – 00:55:53

‘He’s doing a Wenger in 2006’

9. Individual player predictions | 00:55:54 – END

‘Juan Cuadrado might get to decide the top-scorer’

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