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Football trivia: What can you remember about the worst teams in Premier League history?

By Harry Edwards

Published: 18:21, 6 March 2024

Everyone remembers the great sides of the Premier League era. But what about the worst?

For every runaway champion there can be a team breaking records for the wrong reasons at the other end of the table. No one wants to write their names in the history books in that way, but Sheffield United are looking dangerously close to being among the worst.

They are bottom of the table with 13 points from their 27 games so far, already losing 20 games. Although Burnley are also on 13 points, Sheffield United have a goal difference of -50, thanks in part to their 72 goals conceded.

So that had us thinking. Who are some of the worst teams in Premier League history? And, more importantly, what can you remember about them? We’ve put together a quiz on the worst teams in Premier League history, with a couple of undesirable stats records included, for you to test your knowledge!