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Can you name the players with the most Champions League red cards?

By CJ Smith

Champions League red cards quiz

Published: 13:26, 30 March 2020

Few competitions capture the imagination quite like the Uefa Champions League.

The pinnacle of club football, Europe’s premier competition has produced some sublime moments of magic and elevated some of the best players the game has ever seen to an almost god-like status.

However, it’s not all glitz and glamour. Not only is football still very much a contact sport, but it’s also one abundant with players versed in the ‘dark arts’.

Cynical fouls, last-man tackles and cheeky handballs can cause tempers to rise fast and when they do, the referee must intervene.

Given their robust nature, some players are more prone than others to picking up those dreaded red cards and in competition history, 12 have received three or more.

Can you name them all? Take our quiz below to find out and remember, Google is not your friend here. No cheating!