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Quiz: Can you name the all-time top Under-21 goalscorer for these major European nations?

By Ben Green

Football Quiz: Under-21 top goalscorers for major FIFA nations | Squawka

Published: 8:00, 17 June 2020

Future stars and international prospects are forged in youth football, giving patriotic fans a glimmer of hope for upcoming World Cups, European Championships, Copa Americas and so forth.

When a talented tyro bursts onto the scene, we usually can’t contain our excitement, and immediately brand them the new: insert famous player’s name here.

Sometimes it works out, but unfortunately, not always do those precocious prospects fulfil the prophecy and translate their youth success at senior level.

But, Under-21 can be a bit different. To make any Under-21 squad for a top footballing nation you need to already be plying your trade at a decent enough level, with most going on to enjoy blossoming careers.

This is particularly true of prolific goalscorers. Indeed, many fledgling forwards have shone at Under-21 level and shaped illustrious paths for themselves.

With that, we’ve put together a quiz of the all-time top Under-21 goalscorer sfor these iconic footballing nations. Some are household names that you’ll get in a jiffy, but others will really stretch your knowledge to the limit.