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Derby Day Quiz: Can you match the teams to the famous rivalry?

By Squawka News


Published: 17:27, 17 October 2019 | Updated: 13:50, 31 October 2019

Football derbies are an important business. Bragging rights are up for grabs and, as every fan knows full well, an opportunity to gloat at the expense of your great rivals cannot be passed up.

These games are unmissable moments on the footballing calendar. So everyone knows who plays in the Merseyside Derby, right? And absolutely everyone knows that Real Madrid’s encounters with Barcelona are know as El Clásico, no? Of course they do.

But not all of the world’s derbies benefit from widespread media coverage and column inches when they take place.

You may not even be aware of some of the more obscure games – or the unusual nicknames for said contests.

So it’s time to see if you can walk the walk and match the football teams to their rivalry. We’re expecting some good scores, folks….

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