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Can you name the fastest player in each of the last 10 FIFA editions?

By Harry Edwards

Published: 16:02, 20 January 2020

Whether people like it or not, pace is so important on FIFA, particularly FIFA 20.

The ability to run through opposition players on Ultimate Team, Career Mode or just simply Kick Off can be game-changing.

Obviously it’s helpful when pace is combined with another good stat, such as dribbling or four/five-star skill moves, but the speed alone is a boost.

As a result, over the years players have earned love from the FIFA community for their pace, ranging from the biggest stars to those who will only be known by gamers.

One of those is Theo Walcott, who burst onto the scenes as a youngster with Southampton, spending a large part of his career at Arsenal before finally joining Everton. Although the Englishman had other talents he was best known for his electric speed – and this translated over to FIFA.

Quite often Walcott would be one of, if not the, fastest players on any of the recent editions of FIFA. But can you name the quickest of each bunch over the last 10 years?

We’ve given you a big one so to make things slightly harder, you’ll have to name the players in order. You have five minutes, good luck!

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