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Can you name every Premier League club’s oldest player?

By Squawka News

Published: 11:00, 9 November 2019

These days, a manager is often judged on how much faith he puts in youth.

Frank Lampard, for example, has received plenty of plaudits for his use of Chelsea’s excellent young players, but it’s worth noting the former England international has also utilised the older heads in his squad to great effect.

Indeed, the best squads contain a mix of youth and experience. Ageing players aren’t always on their way out of the game; a lot of the time, they are peaking.

But of course, many footballers in their late 30s are winding down. That’s why the oldest player in a given squad is often a back-up goalkeeper or a leadership figure who is only used when necessary – though there are exceptions.

With that in mind, can you name the oldest player still turning out for every Premier League club? Test your knowledge below.

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