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Can you name every finalist in Champions League history?

By Squawka News

Liverpool FC

Published: 18:26, 14 September 2021

The Champions League group stages are back and the long road to the final begins.

Over the years, club football’s most prestigious tournament has given us moments of pure ecstasy.

Other times it has given us feelings of despair, but no matter the outcome, we always come back for more the following season.

Why? The celebrated event has conjured up some of the greatest footballing moments the game has ever seen.

Every year, two of the best teams Europe has to offer go all the way, take centre stage and lock horns for the much-desired ‘big ears’ trophy.

The 2021/22 campaign will undoubtedly be exception, with a clutch of massive clubs looking to reach the showpiece and lift ‘old big ears’.

If course, only one team can come out on top at the end, but can you name every finalist since the competition’s rebranding in 1992?

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