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European football stadium quiz: Can you guess which famous ground is bigger?

By Mohamed Moallim

Published: 13:06, 26 August 2022 | Updated: 10:59, 21 August 2023

Groundhopping is a hobby shared by thousands across Europe on a weekly basis during the football season.

In short, the participants visit as many stadiums as possible to watch a game and with accessible and interconnected transportation, this has made this venture possible. Some of the sports most historic grounds can be found up and down the continent and to save you the hassle we have already ranked the best away days in European football for you.

Many are grand with large capacities while others are more intimate. So how well do you know these famous venues? Have a go at our quiz below to see how strong your knowledge is when determining which stadium has the higher capacity.

Which stadium is bigger? | Squawka


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