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This quiz guesses your favourite England No.10 ahead of Euro 2020

By Ben Green

Published: 14:00, 22 March 2021

It’s almost become canon to discuss Gareth Southgate’s best creative midfield option when focus switches from club to international football, and with Euro 2020 fast approaching, the debate will only intensify.

It’s not often England have such a depth of talent in the creativity department, but in recent years Premier League clubs have gone full La Masia and started churning out deft No. 10s by the bucketful, leaving Southgate with a bit of a managerial dilemma.

The current crop in question are the exuberant quartet (and one other) of Jack Grealish, Mason Mount, Phil Foden and James Maddison. While each player may have a different role, function and position for their respective clubs, they are often pigeonholed together as England’s best ‘No. 10 options’.

As such, it is not expected that Southgate will take all four, leaving fans, pundits, podcasters, online commentators, water cooler frequenters and the like to vehemently discuss which player should be in the starting XI, who should be in the squad and who should be omitted altogether.

Unfortunately, just like ‘Messi-or-Ronaldo’, ‘Pele-or-Maradona’, this is another debate that is too close to call, with each player bringing a unique trait to the table, a different skill-set and bundles of creativity, it will be a photo-finish when Southgate eventually makes the decisive call.

And you may be scratching your head with similar frustration; ‘[player x] is clearly the more naturally gifted, but [player y] has more goals and assists, and even [player z] may be more suited to Southgate’s style, able to play further back’. It’s a flip of the coin for some.

Others are steadfast in their beliefs and know exactly who should be going to the Euros. So, if you’re 100% certain of your No. 10 choice, take our quiz to see if you’re as sure as you should be. For the fence sitters, meanwhile, this should help clear things up.