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We asked a fan of every Premier League club: how would you resolve the 2019/20 season?

By Muhammad Butt

Published: 9:55, 19 March 2020

The 2019/20 Premier League season is at a crossroads.

Games have been suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and whilst the league is currently set to re-start on April 4, there is a reasonable amount of scepticism that will happen. Thus, the possibility of the season being cancelled is very real.

Given how dramatic that would be, we asked a fan of every Premier League club how they would like to see the current Premier League season resolved, and how they would react if the season was cancelled (voided) outright.


Zito Madu

“I’d resolve the season by granting Liverpool the title, since they have clearly won it, and having a play-off tournament for the remaining Champions League and Europa league places for the clubs who are in competition for each. Relegation would be the same style tournament for the clear bottom teams.

“If the season got cancelled I would think it would be unfair given what has been played already, considering that there are clear winners in some sense. There is much that could still change in the remaining games, and unpredictability is part of the sport’s nature, but voiding a tremendous season by Liverpool because of such an unexpected and global event would be cruel, considering how far away from the rest of the league they are and have been. They have practically won the title and deserve to celebrate that victory.

Aston Villa

Jonathan Johnson

“I’d resolve the season by waiting to see when it becomes playable again, finish this one behind closed doors (if necessary), and then wait until fans can attend before starting next term.

“If the season got cancelled I would feel relieved that Villa would still be a Premier League team, but a little guilty that relegation was avoided in such freak circumstances.”

Aston Villa vs Spurs | Premier League


Andy Smith

“I’d resolve the season by cancelling it. It’s 2020, everything is cancelled. And our 10-0 win being expunged from the records in 1939 certainly never held us back. Other than that, let everyone who wants a trophy have one, promote anyone in an automatic promotion spot and have a 22-team league next year.

“If the season got cancelled I would be quite happy, to be honest. We’ve been expecting relegation since we won promotion in 2015. And the chance to go again next year with a squad that is both injury free and wants to play for us should be more than capable of competing.

Eddie Howe | Bournemouth | Premier League


David Hartrick

“I’d resolve the season by looking at the bigger picture. There is a season that exists – 2019/20, and one that doesn’t – 2020/21. We have to finish the one that actually exists, so even if it runs late in the summer or even Autumn so be it, and if that means we have to move next season about, drop a cup competition or lose the winter break, well, so be it.

“If the season got cancelled I would suggest we go the whole way and collectively expunge everything from the record books starting with any recent Brighton v Crystal Palace games or any suggestion they were above us at the time of cancellation.

Graham Potter | Brighton | Premier League


Samuel Marsden

“I’d resolve the season by finishing it whenever possible, even if it’s months before we start playing again or it means games are eventually played behind closed doors. There’s no ideal scenario but we’re so far into the campaign it seems fair to finish it. Dealing with the scheduling and legal repercussions that could bring will be complicated though. Luckily I don’t have to provide the solutions!

“If the season got cancelled I would not be overly bothered from a strictly Burnley point-of-view. We are in a good position but I am not overly excited about the prospect of European football given how we approached it last time.”


Arnesa Buljušmić-Kustura

“I’d resolve the season by leaving the points as they are, there aren’t many games left and really Liverpool only need two more games to win the league. This obviously impacts the lower teams the most but ultimately it’s the fairest way to do it.

“If the season got cancelled I would be a bit upset about it, but as a Chelsea fan, this was already going to be a season of growth due to the many youth players. So if the season was just cancelled completely, it wouldn’t really have a huge effect on us. I mean the players still got to play, they had game time, got more experience, which will hopefully put them in a better place next season. Otherwise, I think others would be a lot more upset if the entire season was cancelled than Chelsea fans.

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Crystal Palace


“I’d resolve the season by finishing it now and awarding Liverpool the title. No relegations and the top two promoted from the Championship giving us a larger league. Five relegation spots next season to get things back to normal.

“If the season got cancelled I would question the sanity of those in charge. There’d be far too many legal & financial ramifications for that to happen.



“I’d resolve the season by voiding it completely and starting it over again in August if they aren’t able to play all the matches.

“If the season got cancelled I would leave things as they are, with no relegation or promotion and give the European qualification places to the same clubs as last season.”


Krystian from @First4LCFC

“I’d resolve the season by resuming it when it is safe to do so with fans present – under no circumstances should it continue behind closed doors. Lower down in the football pyramid if games were to be played behind closed doors this would have huge financial implications as teams are massively reliant upon gate receipts to survive.

“If the season got cancelled I would naturally feel a little downbeat! With the Euros in the summer and Leicester looking to qualify for the Champions League there was a lot to look forward to. But of course – I sincerely hope everyone remains healthy and safe in these troubled times as that is most important.”


Nina Kauser

“I’d resolve the season by delaying [until the virus isn’t an issue], because football without fans is nothing.

“If the season got cancelled I would give up on watching football as the decision would be a farce given we’re in the business end of the season.”

Virgil van Dijk statistics

Man City

@joebutters from @City_Xtra

“I’d resolve the season by doing what a few rumours have suggested the Bundesliga might do. End the season as it currently stands, give Liverpool the title, but ensure that no club is relegated, only promoting the teams who are in automatic places below for a one-off 22 team season. (or 26 for the Championship and League One). The Carabao Cup may have to go by the wayside for one season to accommodate the extra fixtures but, under the circumstances, it’s the only workable solution.

“If the season got cancelled I would find it absolutely hilarious. It would be incredibly unfair on Liverpool and Leeds/West Brom in the current standings, though, on a pure footballing level, I enjoy the idea that Liverpool’s first ever Premier League title, which they’re obviously going to win if two more league games can be played, would be shut down by a natural disaster. The world does not want Liverpool to win the league.”

Man Utd

Paul Ansorge

“I’d resolve the season by awarding Liverpool the title and having a 22-team Premier League next season.

“If the season got cancelled I would be sad about the state of the world but pleased that sensible precautions were being taken.”


Peter M

“I’d resolve the season by waiting four-six weeks and extending play into the summer.

“If the season got cancelled I would be happy as a Newcastle fan but gutted for football in general. Liverpool not winning the league? Bournemouth going down due to being a goal off Watford? I’d give up on the Premier League forever to be honest.

Chelsea vs Newcastle


Chris Reeve

“I’d resolve the season by voiding it. I think this is the only fair solution for everyone. We had some winnable home games coming up, so to play behind closed doors would see us lose that advantage.

“If the season got cancelled I would (as you might expect) pop open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate a relegation miracle, but be disappointed too. Anything but play games behind closed doors, because without the fans – it’s pointless.”

Sheffield United

Sam Perry, editor of @DEM_BLADES

“I’d resolve the season by making the 2019/2020 season into the 2019/20/21 season. League and Cup matches could be played between November 2020 and April 2020. The big problem this throws up is the contracts issue – most end in June – but this seems like the problem that is most easily circumnavigated.”

“If the season got cancelled I would be deeply frustrated. If they chalked off the season, then the Blades’ greatest season in living memory would be cut short. If they kept the league positions as they are now and based promotions, relegations and Europe on that, then it is not a league. It’s a guess. And that’s not football.



“I’d resolve the season by going full cancellation. Prize money pay-outs according to league position. European qualification remains as at the start of 2019/20.

“If the season got cancelled I would be broadly indifferent. My side were extremely unlikely to either go down or claim a European place. Next season will be the same too. Vive la mid-table mediocrity!


Dean Smith

“I’d resolve the season by playing games in the summer, if the situation has started to clear. They may have to play two-three games a week, but it would actually be interesting to see how teams coped with that and it seems fairer than voiding the campaign.

“If the season got cancelled I would be pretty happy from a selfish point of view! We’ve had a few seasons at Spurs that I wish I could forget, but this has been among the very worst of them and I assume we’d still have a spot in next year’s Champions League too which seems unlikely if the season continues. I’d have to get my football fix from FM20 and the World Cup films that have just been added to Amazon Prime.


Andy Lewers

“I’d resolve the season by by playing out the remaining fixtures when possible, but not behind closed doors. Delaying Euro 2020, starting the 2020/21 campaign late and cancelling the League and FA Cup for a season to accommodate more midweek fixtures so the season can finish on time makes sense.

“If the season got cancelled I would understand (and be pretty happy as a Watford fan!), but I don’t think it is the right move given how close we are to the end of the season.

West Ham


“I’d resolve the season by looking from a true football fans’ perspective and delaying the games until mass crowds are allowed to attend games once more. I am massively against behind closed door fixtures. Without fans, what is football? Once the virus has blown over hopefully within the next few weeks and months we can get back to watching the sport we love.

“If the season got cancelled I would be relatively happy as it means West Ham would still be a Premier League club, just. Karren Brady wants the season to end, which was no surprise given the huge protests off the field. If the season did end up being cancelled, it will give West Ham more of a chance to get injured players such as Andriy Yarmolenko and Ryan Fredericks back playing.


@daveazzopardi from @TalkingWolves

“I’d resolve the season by finishing off the current campaign. If it’s still difficult for fans to come, I think playing behind doors is the best thing to do for the competition to keep its integrity.

“If the season got cancelled I would be a little bit frustrated as would most other football fans, I think. Fortunately, I think my club Wolves have got themselves in a decent position if the campaign was to be cancelled but I hope it doesn’t come to that.


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