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BetMGM Golden Goals: How you can win up to £2million by predicting six Premier League scorelines

By Harry Edwards

BetMGM Golden Goals: How you can win up to £2million by predicting six Premier League scorelines

Published: 8:30, 17 May 2024

BetMGM are offering customers to chance to win up to £2million by correctly predicting six Premier League scores with their Golden Goals game. 18+.

Everyone fancies themselves as a football guru, but when it comes down to it just how close can you get with predictions?

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How to enter Golden Goals:

  1. Open an account at BetMGM using this link.
  2. Visit the ‘Golden Goals’ page.
  3. Opt in just once and enter your 6 Premier League predictions for the week.

It can seem easy to predict six correct results in the simple win/draw/loss format, but it can be a tough ask depending on the fixtures at hand. With BetMGM, you can really test your knowledge (and ability to see into the future) by predicting six correct scores. This is a game that can be found in a few places, but BetMGM’s game offers a bigger potential grand prize. The Premier League and Champions League come into focus for their Golden Goals game, which runs until the end of the 2023/24 season, giving plenty opportunities to win big.

If you guess all six scores correctly, you will win a share of the £2million Jackpot, which is split it more than one player is correct. And even if no one wins the Jackpot, someone will get a share of £5,000 for the most correct scores under six. Entry to Golden Goals is free too, you just need a BetMGM account and to opt in to participate. There are no deposit requirements either, but you do need to make sure your account complies with BetMGM’s terms and conditions.

BetMGM make it quite easy to look back on past gameweeks too, so you can see how the prize money has been distributed. For example, in the gameweek before the international break, just 29 from a total of over 50,000 players correctly guessed four scores and won £172 each!

Our Golden Goal predictions for this week

It’s the final weekend of the 2023/24 Premier League season but BetMGM are still running their Golden Goals promotion. The weekend’s biggest fixtures take place in London and Manchester where the title will be decided. Arsenal take on Everton, whilst Man City will be clashing with West Ham. A Man city victory assured them of the title but any slip up by Pep’s side hands the advantage to Arsenal, assuming they can beat Everton, of course!

How to enter BetMGM’s Golden Goals promotion

  1. Head to BetMGM via our link
  2. Log-in to your account or create your new account using the steps outlined above
  3. Head to the Golden Goals page via the top menu
  4. Add the amount of goals you expect each listed team to score to create your predictions
  5. Hit submit!
  6. If all six of your predictions are correct you will trigger the jackpot prize – If no players have all predictions correct, a guaranteed Prizepool will be paid out to those with most correct predictions.
  7. Submit your predictions and check out the leaderboard to see how you performed. Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

Main Terms

  • These terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) apply to BetMGM’s Golden Goals (“Golden Goals”). You accept these T&Cs by opting into and/or submitting any predictions to Golden Goals.
  • These T&Cs are subject to the BetMGM General Terms and Conditions (“GTCs”) and include and incorporate the GTCs (including but not limited to all limitations on you as detailed within the GTCs). Where there is any conflict between the GTCs and the T&Cs, in relation to Golden Goals, the T&Cs shall prevail.
  • Golden Goals is run by LeoVegas Gaming plc, licensed operator of the BetMGM website located at www.betmgm.co.uk and/or mobile applications that we own or operate (“BetMGM”). Please see the footer for further information.
  • The details relating to each separate Golden Goals tournament will be displayed in the Golden Goals games lobby (“the Golden Goals Lobby”).
  • Golden Goals will run until terminated at BetMGM’s sole discretion. BetMGM further reserves the right to suspend or modify the rules or format of Golden Goals where a change or withdrawal is required due to any change in law or regulation; or by giving you prior notice, if the change or cancellation is for any other valid reason (for example, if there is a fault in the software or systems used to manage the promotion, or if a mistake is identified).

Who can enter?

  • Golden Goals is open to all new and existing players on BetMGM. You must be over 18 years of age and have and maintain a valid account with BetMGM to participate (“your Account”). Golden Goals is not available to employees, agents, partners or consultants of BetMGM, or its corporate group or affiliate companies.
  • For entry to Golden Goals to remain valid, your Account must comply with the GTCs. If your Account or you breach(es) the GTCs or T&Cs, your entry to Golden Goals will automatically be voided.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your details are up to date on your Account.

How to enter

  • Entry into Golden Goals is free and is not subject to any deposit, wagering or withdrawal requirements on your Account.
  • In order to enter you must enter predictions for all fixtures for the relevant Golden Goals tournament (“Tournament”) by completing each fixture selection included within the Tournament (as contained within the Tournament fixture tile). The minimum number of fixtures which you must predict will be as included in the Golden Goals prediction tile. You must place a prediction for each fixture to be able to enter.
  • To participate in a Tournament, you must have submitted your predictions (by completing all of the predictions in the relevant prediction tile and clicking the “submit predictions’ button) prior to the start of the first fixture in the Tournament or the deadline as detailed in the prediction tile (whichever is earlier) (“Deadline”). After entry, you will still be able to change your predictions until the Deadline, however after the Deadline, you will not be permitted to amend or change any of your predictions for the Tournament. Any such change being made, by intent or error, will result in your entry being void. Failure to make selections for all fixtures will result in your entry being void. For the avoidance of all doubt, we only accept entries and amendments via the Golden Goals Lobby. Any entries or amendments to entries attempted via email or by contacting customer services or any other method will not be accepted.
  • If any fixture in any Tournament is for any reason cancelled, postponed or not completed (and not replayed or completed within 36 hours of the original fixture time) and the relevant sports authority or regulator does not deem the fixture complete, that Tournament will be cancelled and all entries to the Tournament will be void.
  • The outcome of each fixture in the Tournament will be determined by the official results of the fixture. The outcome of each fixture will be taken from the full time or end result of the fixture – not including extra time and / or penalties where the same are relevant (unless explicitly stated or provided for in the relevant fixture selection).

Winners & Prizes

  • You will win the prize if you predict all of the fixtures in the Tournament correctly. The prize for each Tournament will be detailed at the top of the relevant Tournament prediction tile in the Golden Goals Lobby (“the Jackpot”) [and will be confirmed to You to the email registered with your Account upon entry to the Tournament by you clicking the “submit predictions” button]. If more than one player predicts all fixtures in the Tournament correctly, the Jackpot will be divided by the number of players with the correct predictions.
  • In circumstances where no one wins the Jackpot due to no entrant in the Tournament predicting all of the fixtures correctly, then a secondary guaranteed prize pool will be made available (“the Prizepool”). The Prizepool will be the amount detailed in the relevant Tournament prediction tile for the Tournament [and will be confirmed to You via the email registered with your Account upon entry to the Tournament by you clicking the “submit predictions” button]. The Prizepool will be won by you if you have the highest number of correct predictions in that Tournament. Where more than one player has the same number of correct predictions and score the highest in that Tournament, then all such players will share the Prizepool equally.
  • You can follow the number of correct predictions and the Jackpot and Prizepool amounts in the Tournament leaderboard, which can be found in the Golden Goals Lobby (“the Leaderboard”). The Leaderboard may not update automatically and may be subject to delay and / or errors and we accept no liability in relation to this.
  • If you win, you will be notified by the email address or phone number included in the contact details on your Account. If you fail to respond to accept the Jackpot within 30 days, your share of the Jackpot prize will be void.
  • If you win the Jackpot, you will receive the Jackpot (or your share of it) into your stipulated bank account via bacs transfer. We will only pay the Jackpot to a bank account belonging to you, and reserve the right to verify both you, including your age and identity, and your bank account in accordance with our GTCs prior to making any such payment. Should you fail such verification checks, your win will be voided. The Jackpot prize will be paid within 5 working days of the Tournament ending, or our identification and verification checks being completed to our satisfaction, whichever is later.
  • If you win the Prizepool, you will receive the Prizepool (or your share of it) automatically within 5-working days into your Account where it may be withdrawn in accordance with the GTCs. Identification and verification requirements for your Account will be as detailed in the GTCs.
  • Any announcement regarding Jackpot or Prizepool winners on BetMGM or any of its social media accounts is subject to our verification checks being satisfied and not a final confirmation.
  • With the Jackpot winners and Prizepool winners consent, their information will be included in publicity for Golden Goals such as is reasonably required by BetMGM.