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Manchester City fixtures 2024/25 Premier League: Will Pep Guardiola claim a five-peat in potential final season?

By Mohamed Moallim

Published: 15:00, 25 June 2024

Manchester City won a record-breaking fourth consecutive Premier League crown last term.

Pep Guardiola’s men are unquestionably first among equals in England’s top division and have established an impressive dynasty which has yielded six titles in seven seasons.

They are early favourites heading into the forthcoming 2024/25 campaign, though head coach Guardiola says it could be his last.

“The reality is I’m closer to leaving than to staying,” he told Sky Sports.

“It’s eight years, will be nine. Right now my feeling is I want to stay next season. We talked with the club, we have time to talk next season because I have to see the players as well, if they follow me, they follow us.

“I want to stay next season. During the season, we will talk. But after eight, nine years…”

Guardiola has won every trophy possible as City boss and admits he has found himself wondering what else there is for him to achieve at City but for now he’s plotting a fifth successive championship now the Premier League fixture list has been revealed. As always, there are certain fixtures supporters will look out for, and we’ve also looked at them.

When Man City face their big-six rivals:

From the get-go. City’s bid for more Premier League history will begin away to Chelsea on Sunday, 18 August, eight days after the FA Community Shield clash with Manchester United at Wembley Stadium. The Stamford Bridge date will also mean an early reunion for Pep Guardiola with his former assistant, Enzo Maresca. City were held to a thrilling 4-4 draw in this fixture last season.

Soon after leaving West London, they’ll resume hostilities with Arsenal at home; two months later, City will contest their first meeting with Liverpool a week after hosting Tottenham. The first of this season’s Manchester derbies will not be until mid-December, with City hosting Manchester United at the Etihad, and the reverse fixtures start with Chelsea’s arrival in the new year, but it’s the following month when things get interesting. February sees City away to Arsenal before hosting Liverpool, and then three days later, they face Tottenham in north London.

  • 18/08/2024 – Chelsea vs Manchester City
  • 21/09/2024 – Manchester City vs Arsenal
  • 23/11/2024 – Manchester City vs Tottenham
  • 30/11/2024 – Liverpool vs Manchester City
  • 14/12/2024 – Manchester City vs Manchester United
  • 25/01/2025 – Manchester City vs Chelsea
  • 01/02/2025 – Arsenal vs Manchester City
  • 22/02/2025 – Manchester City vs Liverpool
  • 25/02/2025 – Tottenham vs Manchester City
  • 05/04/2025 – Manchester United vs Manchester City

Manchester City’s full Premier League fixture list for 2024/25:

One thing Manchester City will be doing a lot to start the 2024/25 season is visiting London with the aforementioned game at Chelsea quickly followed up with a trip to West Ham, but sandwiched in between is a home clash with newly-promoted Ipswich Town.

  • 18/08/2024  Chelsea vs Manchester City
  • 24/08/2024 –  Manchester City vs Ipswich
  • 31/08/2024 West Ham vs Manchester City
  • 14/09/2024 Manchester City vs Brentford
  • 21/09/2024 – Manchester City vs Arsenal
  • 28/09/2024 – Newcastle vs Manchester City
  • 05/10/2024 – Manchester City vs Fulham
  • 19/10/2024 – Wolves vs Manchester City
  • 26/10/2024  Manchester City vs Southampton
  • 02/11/2024 – Bournemouth vs Manchester City
  • 09/11/2024 – Brighton vs Manchester City
  • 23/11/2024 – Manchester City vs Tottenham
  • 30/11/2024 – Liverpool vs Manchester City
  • 04/12/2024 – Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest
  • 07/12/2024 – Crystal Palace vs Manchester City
  • 14/12/2024 – Manchester City vs Manchester United
  • 21/12/2024 – Aston Villa vs Manchester City
  • 26/12/2024 – Manchester City vs Everton
  • 29/12/2024 – Leicester vs Manchester City
  • 04/01/2025 – Manchester City vs West Ham
  • 14/01/2025 – Brentford vs Manchester City
  • 18/01/2025 – Ipswich vs Manchester City
  • 25/01/2025 – Manchester City vs Chelsea
  • 01/02/2025 – Arsenal vs Manchester City
  • 15/02/2025 – Manchester City vs Newcastle
  • 22/02/2025 – Manchester City vs Liverpool
  • 25/02/2025 – Tottenham vs Manchester City
  • 08/03/2025 – Nottingham Forest vs Manchester City
  • 15/03/2025 – Manchester City vs Brighton
  • 02/04/2025 – Manchester City vs Leicester
  • 05/04/2025 – Manchester United vs Manchester City
  • 12/04/2025 – Manchester City vs Crystal Palace
  • 19/04/2025 – Everton vs Manchester City
  • 26/04/2025 – Manchester City vs Aston Villa
  • 03/05/2025 Manchester City vs Wolves
  • 10/05/2025 – Southampton vs Manchester City
  • 18/05/2025  Manchester City vs Bournemouth
  • 25/05/2025 – Fulham vs Manchester City