FIFA 22 Career Mode: 10 fun teams to start a new project with, from easy to hard

By Harry Edwards

FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use

Published: 14:30, 21 July 2022

FIFA 22 Career Mode. It doesn’t get as much love as Ultimate Team does nowadays but it’s still a great way to engage in the FIFA series.

EA Sports have released the first reveal trailer for FIFA 23 building anticipation for what will be the final version of the game under the FIFA banner, which also means FIFA 22 is coming to an end.

But that doesn’t mean you have to push it to one side. Sure, Ultimate Team is becoming stale and the daily content isn’t drawing people to continue, but Career Mode brings that longevity even at this point in the game.

You can start a Career Mode in late July and still get a lot of fun from the game, but the question remains: who do you manage? Career Mode veterans have probably already played with their tried-and-tested clubs or the teams they support, so we’ve come up with something a bit different.

We’ve picked out 10 teams, breaking them down into the level of challenge they’ll bring, from the easiest (trying to win as much while managing huge budgets) to the hardest, where it will be a slog to rise up through the divisions but the reward will be sweet.

Please note: some board expectations may vary per save.

FIFA 22 Career Mode easiest teams to use


FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: Barcelona

League: La Liga Santander
Rating: 5 stars
Transfer budget: £111,832,768
Club worth: £2,769,200,000
Main objective focuses: Domestic Success (Critical), Continental Success (Critical), Brand Exposure (Critical)

Barcelona may be experiencing financial difficulties in real life but only truly came to light after FIFA 22 was released so, perhaps for the last time, the Blaugrana present one of the easier options. The main challenge here is to do what Barcelona haven’t quite managed just yet, building for life after Lionel Messi.

Despite being boosted by the January arrival of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who will be in your team if you play with the latest update, Barcelona’s squad is still lacking something in attack. Ansu Fati is, of course, the future star but you’ll have you build him yourself from his initial rating. All of the other quality players in the squad (with the exception of Frenkie de Jong) are all on the wrong side of 30.

So your task is the steady the ship, develop youth, and all while hitting the critical expectations which can include doing the domestic double and reaching the Champions League final. The base is there, but the long-term challenge is to take Barcelona to an extended period of continental dominance.


FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: Ajax

League: Eredivisie
Rating: 4.5 stars
Transfer budget: £29,582,372
Club worth: £457,520,000
Main objective focuses: Domestic Success (Critical), Brand Exposure (Critical), Youth Development (Critical)

Ajax are a strange proposition for FIFA 22 as they can fit in both the easy and challenging sections for your Career Mode saves.

The Dutch champions have a decent squad and winning the Eredivisie shouldn’t be a problem, but the aim is carrying that dominance over to the continent, all while meeting some pretty strict expectations. In the squad, there is the small matter of three wonderkids with Devyne Rensch, Jurrien Timber and Ryan Gravenberch which will aid in the long-term dominance, while the likes of Dusan Tadic and Steven Berghuis provide instant quality. Of course, you’ll also have to fight to keep your star players with the vultures circling as they do in real life.

But, as we said, those expectations are pretty demanding. One such save with Ajax could require you to sign three players to your Youth Academy, sign a further three players younger than 20 with a higher potential than the average of the those currently in the same position, sell youth players for a profit (long-term), all while winning the double and going far in the Champions League. Are you up for it?

Manchester City

FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: Manchester City

League: Premier League
Rating: 5 stars
Transfer budget: £184,432,112
Club worth: £2,902,500,000
Main objective focuses: Domestic Success (Critical), Continental Success (Critical), Brand Exposure (Critical)

Back to a Career Mode challenge that should be undeniably easy. The main goal here is to finally win Manchester City the Champions League.

Under Pep Guardiola, Man City went closest in 2020/21 and reached their first Champions League final but it would end in heartbreak. Their squad has largely stayed the same for FIFA 22 but they don’t have a striker, so you’ll need to rectify that if you want to make a big splash in the virtual world (Man City have the money for a massive move though, so it’s fine). Other than that, though, Man City’s squad is solid and you can slowly make changes to bring younger players in, while the likes of Jack Grealish and Phil Foden reach their peak.

The board have had enough messing about though, as they’ll want the Champions League won in your first season alongside the Premier League and FA Cup.

FIFA 22 Career Mode challenging teams to use


FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: Schalke

League: Bundesliga 2
Rating: 3.5 stars
Transfer budget: £15,964,096
Club worth: £431,797,000
Main objective focuses: Domestic Success (Critical), Financial (Critical), Youth Development (Critical)

Schalke are back in the Bundesliga for the 2022/23 season and will be part of Germany’s top flight for FIFA 23. But they aren’t in FIFA 22, suffering relegation, so can you replicate the real-life Schalke and perhaps build a dynasty?

The squad looks totally different from the roster that saw them relegated last year, with Ralf Fahrmann and Salif Sane the main stars remaining at the club. The FIFA 22 squad now has a good mixture of veterans and youth, though you’ll probably need to look elsewhere for long-term stars. That’s not too bad, with the board prioritising your Youth Academy and Development including new signings and high potential.

But they do also want an immediate return to the Bundesliga by winning the league, so there’s no time for slipping.

Austin FC

FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: Austin FC

League: MLS
Rating: 3 stars
Transfer budget: £13,545,258
Club worth: £129,000,000
Main objective focuses: Financial (Medium)

If you’re looking for a more relaxed, but still challenging, long-term save then MLS’s newest team Austin FC might be the choice for you.

Austin are in their first season of MLS so their squad isn’t anything to write home about, but is quite young without being too useful – it’ll be a good base on which you can build. One of the star men in your early seasons would be Kekuta Manneh, who boasts four-star Skill Moves to help you advance play down the wings (Danny Hoesen and Rodney Redes also have four-star Skill Moves).

The first season objectives for Austin aren’t too demanding, but the board do want you to start making money from shirt sales (so you’ll have to make sure your club and players are gaining popularity with good performances). On the pitch, a good first season is the goal — but that is a very low priority.


FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: Independiente

League: LPF
Rating: 3.5 stars
Transfer budget: £11,365,629
Club worth: £156,778,000
Main objective focuses: Domestic Success (Critical), Financial (Critical)

Independiente are the most successful club in Copa Libertadores history but they haven’t won the competition since 1984 and don’t even start FIFA 22 in it. So it’s time to change that.

The Argentine club have a decent starting squad for you to attempt to win the league, with three of their players boasting four-star Skill Moves. But you will need to make some changes as your striker and captain Silvio Romero is 32 so won’t be leading you too far into the future. One of the bigger challenges here is to also fight with the Argentine heavyweights that are Boca Juniors and River Plate, while aiming to go far in the Copa Sudamericana.

A league title is in the priorities of the board within the first two seasons, but so is the bizarrely difficult financial requirement (in some saves) of signing two crucial players while also making a profit of £86m… Good luck!

FIFA 22 Career Mode hardest teams to use


FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: Wrexham

League: EFL League Two
Rating: 1.5 stars
Transfer budget: £1,015,417
Club worth: £1,892,000
Main objective focuses: Financial (High)

Wrexham aren’t actually in League Two in FIFA 22 but their addition as a Rest of World Team makes this possible. All you have to do is switch them with a current League Two team and you’re on your way.

Made famous around the world (to those who wouldn’t have known about them) Wrexham became the first non-league team to feature in a FIFA game thanks to their new owners, Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. The aim here is to get Deadpool and Mac’s team to the top of the English football pyramid and then Europe, but it will be a slog.

In your debut season, domestic success priorities are pretty low, with the main focus on making a profit in your first window and eventually building the club up through the Youth Academy.

1860 Munich

FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: 1860 Munich

League: 3. Liga
Rating: 2 stars
Transfer budget: £1,347,677
Club worth: £4,541,000
Main objective focuses: Domestic Success (Critical), Financial (Critical), Youth Development (Critical)

If you’re a non-Bayern Munich fan then the chances are you’re probably bored of them winning the Bundesliga. So, why not take over their city rivals and usurp them?

The only problem is, 1860 Munich — who shared the Allianz Arena with Bayern for 12 years — are down in 3. Liga so you’ll need patience and a lot of hard work. 1860 Munich have been in the third tier of German football for a few years now but the board will want promotion in your first season, a nice test to see whether you have the ability to take them all the way to the top.

Youth development is also top priority for 1860 Munich, but that’s not too bad as you’re more likely to get long-term stars through your Academy rather than those in the current squad or on the transfer market given the starting budget. And why stop at usurping Bayern in the Bundesliga? Why not take 1860 Munich all the way to European glory, going better than their 1964/65 European Cup Winners’ Cup runners-up.

Longford Town

FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: Longford Town

League: SSE Airtricity PD
Rating: 0.5 stars
Transfer budget: £430,046
Club worth: £804,000
Main objective focuses: Domestic Success (Critical), Financial (Critical)

Longford Town are the worst club on FIFA 22 with regards to players, transfer budget and club worth. So of course you have to do a Career Mode with them!

Playing in a one-league country may not sound too appealing but the aim here is to take Longford to the top of Europe — it’s not for the feint-hearted. Thanks to the addition of the Europa Conference League, the League of Ireland Premier Division has an extra route into Europe, which does make your quest for European glory a bit easier as you can automatically move up the ranks by winning a trophy.

Interestingly, Longford Town’s board does have domestic success on their minds with the critical priority of winning the league title (in four years’ time – they just want a top-half in your debut campaign). Also critical is finance, but that can be something as simple as keeping player salary growth under 15%. If you want a Career Mode to last you until FIFA 23, go for Longford Town.

Choose your own adventure


FIFA 22 Career Mode teams to use: Create a club

League: ???
Rating: ???
Transfer budget: ???
Club worth: ???
Main objective focuses: ???

But what if none of the teams above quite tickle your fancy enough to start a Career Mode? Luckily, FIFA 22 has a new addition to Career Mode and that’s the ability to create your own club!

Starting from scratch, you can create a club and place them in whichever league you want – be it League Two or Ligue 1 – you just have to choose which team you want to kick out. You can then choose your rivals to add a bit of bite to some of your fixtures before customising your kits, crest and stadium.

That’s not all though as you can pick what kind of club you want to start with, with options for star ratings (0.5-5), squad age, transfer budget and board expectations (the latter also gives you a chance to completely customise what you want to achieve).

  • Squad Age options: Very Young, Young, Balanced, Seasoned, Veteran
  • Transfer Budget options: £1m, £5m, £10m, £50m, £100m, £200m, £500m, £1bn
  • Board Expectations: Small Club, Youth Focused, Domestic Focused, Heavy Debt, Custom, Football Giant

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Career Mode up and running today!