FIFA 22: Best strikers to sign on Career Mode for every budget

By Harry Edwards

FIFA 22: Best strikers to sign on Career Mode for every budget

Published: 16:18, 28 October 2021 | Updated: 12:45, 10 November 2021

FIFA 22 is here! After weeks, months even, of anticipation, the latest edition of EA Sports’ hit game is available for players around the world.

Naturally, a lot of FIFA players flock to Ultimate Team in their quest to… well, build their ultimate team. However, there are still a large number of players whose main love in FIFA is Career Mode, with the aim of pushing a team (perhaps already existing or completely created thanks to the new additions) to glory.

But, whether you are starting at Real Madrid or Fake Madrid, who should you be signing?

They say defences win you titles but there may not be a more important position than the striker. You could have the best players in the world across the pitch, but it all counts for nothing if you don’t have a leading forward capable of taking his chances.

At the same time, a poor team can be saved by a good striker, as Arsenal and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to some extent demonstrated in 2019/20. But who do you go for on FIFA 22?

Here are some of the best striking options available, to buy in your first window, across an array of transfer fees to make your job just a bit easier.

Values and presence of release clauses may vary per save, while availability may vary depending on strictness of transfers. All prices accurate at the time of publishing at 16:00 on 28/10/21.

FIFA 22 best strikers to sign on Career Mode – Under £5m

Djibril Fandje Toure (Watford)

FIFA 22 Career Mode strikers: Djibril Fandje Toure

Initial FIFA 22 overall: 60
Potential FIFA 22 overall: 83
Value: £900k

We start our search with a lesser-known name of the Premier League in Watford’s Djibril Fandje Toure.

In the real world Toure is on loan at SV, but right now FIFA 22 has him at Watford with an initial overall of 60. That 60 is made up of an impressive 87 Pace and 66 Finishing, with four-star Weak Foot to boot. The teenager is pretty agile and isn’t a bad penalty taker. For those in the lower divisions, Toure could be a good buy especially with a potential overall of 83.

Watford clearly aren’t too bothered by Toure in the game and you can get him for just under his value at £850k.

Dane Scarlett (Tottenham)

FIFA 22 Career Mode strikers: Dane Scarlett

Initial FIFA 22 overall: 63
Potential FIFA 22 overall: 86
Value: £1.3m

Staying in the Premier League, Tottenham have a little star on their hands in Dane Scarlett.

The English striker can do a job at a lower level almost immediately with his starting overall of 63 which includes 62 Shooting and 61 Dribbling. Scarlett isn’t to be bullied easily in the air either with 76 Jumping, though it is on the floor that he’ll be most dangerous. With three-star Skill Moves and Weak Foot, Scarlett has the potential to grow to 86 overall. Yes, 86! That’s the current level of Jamie Vardy for example.

Despite his high potential, Scarlett can be bought for just over his value at £1.55m – and he’s certainly worth it.

Benjamin Sesko (Red Bull Salzburg)

FIFA 22 Career Mode strikers: Benjamin Sesko

Initial FIFA 22 overall: 68
Potential FIFA 22 overall: 86
Value: £2.6m

If you want someone with good potential that is a little more ready for immediate use then Benjamin Sesko could be your man.

Red Bull Salzburg are apparently running a striker-building factory with 68-rated Sesko the latest on the assembly line. He stands 6’4″ and has 69 Finishing already, accompanied by 64 Long Shots, 68 Shot Power and 67 Dribbling. With Sesko’s height also comes Strength of 80, Jumping of 73 and 71 Heading Accuracy, meaning he can be a danger in the air. Then there’s the small fact that Sesko can grow to 86 overall…

Sesko has a starting value of £2.6m and Salzburg don’t actually need too much persuading to let him go, accepting around £3.2m.

FIFA 22 best strikers to sign on Career Mode – £5m – £15m

Karim Adeyemi (Red Bull Salzburg)

FIFA 22 Career Mode strikers: Karim Adeyemi

Initial FIFA 22 overall: 72
Potential FIFA 22 overall: 86
Value: £3.6m

Keeping with Red Bull Salzburg but looking at a slightly more ready name, Karim Adeyemi is the man everybody wants — and it should be the same on FIFA.

The German striker has an initial overall of 72 on FIFA 22 with four-star Skill Moves and three-star Weak Foot. Those attributes will certainly aid Adeyemi’s 92 Pace and 73 Shooting which includes 75 Finishing and 73 Penalties. Adeyemi is lacking slightly in strength but his Jumping at 88 can prove useful especially as he grows to his potential overall of 86.

Like Sesko, Salzburg won’t ask for too much for Adeyemi, accepting £5.6m.

Goncalo Ramos (Benfica)

FIFA 22 Career Mode strikers: Goncalo Ramos

Initial FIFA 22 overall: 72
Potential FIFA 22 overall: 86
Value: £6.5m

Moving over to Portugal, Benfica are hiding a decent striker in Goncalo Ramos, looking to keep the interest away.

The 20-year-old starts FIFA 22 with an overall of 72 and already has 73 Finishing and 70 Shot Power, making him ready to beat goalkeepers from the off. With four-star Weak Foot, Ramos is more than capable on both his right and left, while he’s also pretty strong in the air with 82 Jumping and Heading Accuracy of 74. Like some others on this list, Ramos has the potential to grow to 86 overall.

Benfica really don’t put up a fight to keep Ramos and will accept his value price of £6.5m, though you may need to sweeten the deal with a minor sell-on clause.

Giacomo Raspadori (Sassuolo)

FIFA 22 Career Mode strikers: Giacomo Raspadori

Initial FIFA 22 overall: 74
Potential FIFA 22 overall: 87
Value: £9m

Completing our range of strikers that can truly be classed as ‘budget’ is Giacomo Raspadori.

The Italian has an initial overall of 74 so could realistically make a case to start for the lower-level top-flight sides without damaging your quality too much. In fact, it’s what would make him such a good signing for certain teams. Raspadori is brilliant on the ball with four-star Skill Moves and five-star Weak Foot, accompanied by 74 Shooting and 78 Dribbling with 85 Balance. He’s not the strongest, but you can make that work and you’ll want to with his potential overall reaching 87!

Bizarrely, Sassuolo will accept his value of £9m. Sign. Him. Now.

FIFA 22 best strikers to sign on Career Mode – £15m and above

Adam Hlozek (Sparta Prague)

FIFA 22 Career Mode strikers: Adam Hlozek

Initial FIFA 22 overall: 76
Potential FIFA 22 overall: 87
Value: £14m

Into the upper ranks, you can still buy a decent striker in Adam Hlozek without breaking the bank.

With an initial overall of 76, Hlozek is excellent on the ball, has decent pace, finishing and strength, a true all-round striker. The one thing you may need to look out for is his Agility of 69 which isn’t great, but you can make it work with Hlozek as your main man. Did we mention he has a potential rating of 87?

Hlozek is valued at £14m but Sparta Prague know they have something special on their hands and won’t let him go unless you cough up around £19m.

Arthur Cabral (FC Basel)

FIFA 22 Career Mode strikers: Arthur Cabral

Initial FIFA 22 overall: 77
Potential FIFA 22 overall: 85
Value: £20.5m

Talking of something special, Arthur Cabral is literally labelled as ‘having that something special’ on FIFA 22.

Cabral starts FIFA 22 with an overall of 77 so can slot straight into a lot of teams, aided by 77 Shooting and 77 Pace. The Brazilian can be cute around the edge of the box with 76 Ball Control and three-star Skill Moves but also dominant in the air thanks to his 87 Strength and 83 Jumping. Cabral may peak at 85 overall, but he is still a worthy signing.

Basel clearly rate him as they won’t budge on their £29m asking price, almost £10m higher than his value.

Victor Osimhen (Napoli)

FIFA 22 Career Mode strikers: Victor Osimhen

Initial FIFA 22 overall: 81
Potential FIFA 22 overall: 89
Value: £37m

The star boy and the best striker you can get at a still reasonable price — without paying Lautaro Martinez, Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland prices.

Victor Osimhen is ready-made for FIFA 22 with a starting overall of 81 and can be put into practically any team from the off, boasting 89 Pace and 81 Shooting. His Shooting includes 88 Finishing and 84 Positioning so don’t sleep on Osimhen, especially with four-star Weak Foot and 90 Jumping. He can do pretty much everything you want him to do if you have the patience to help him grow to his potential overall of 89.

Napoli do want £50m for Osimhen, £13m higher than his value, but we think he’s a better option than the aforementioned big names.

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