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FIFA 20: The best ‘overpowered’ but cheap players to buy on Ultimate Team

By Ollie Thomas

FIFA 20: The best overpowered and cheap players on FIFA Ultimate Team.

Published: 17:31, 30 March 2020

For years now, FIFA Ultimate Team (or FUT) has been a perfect time-waster during the off season.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, elite football is currently on hold and supporters are set for an extended period of time without live action to witness.

So, with many fans turning to video games, we thought we’d give you a list of ridiculously overpowered players on FUT 20 who only cost pocket change.

We’re sure most of you already own or have been on the receiving end of some, if not all, of these players – but if you haven’t, take note. These guys will change your FIFA experience.

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1. Nelson Semedo (Barcelona)

Nelson Semedo's FUT 20 stats.

Average price (PS4 & XBOX One combined) = 4,700 coins

FIFA 20 Rating: 82

Standout stat: 92 pace

Any experienced FUT player knows that full-backs only really need two things: pace and stamina. Semedo has both (92 and 91) in abundance. Unlike most other full-backs on the game, he has a Medium/High work-rate, meaning that he will attack far less than the Kyle Walkers or Joao Cancelos of the world. If you want your right-back to stay back (which most people do nowadays) then the Portuguese is perfect.

He also possesses over 80 in interceptions, standing tackle and sliding tackle. If all that still wasn’t enough, he gets a green link to some of the elite centre-backs in the game, like Clement Lenglet, Samuel Umtiti and Gerard Pique. For just under 5,000 coins, he represents a great pick up.

2. Manuel Akanji (Borussia Dortmund)

Akanji's FUT 20 stats.

Average price (PS4 & XBOX One combined) = 5,000 coins

FIFA 20 Rating: 83

Standout stat: 85 sprint speed

There are a few good, Swiss defensive options in the Bundesliga (see Kevin Mbabu) but Manuel Akanji is one of the best, cheap centre-backs on the game. He’s almost tailor-made for FUT: 78 pace, 84 strength, 6’2, Medium/High workrates and 83 defending. Honestly, what more could you want in a centre-back for such a paltry price?

In-game, he lives up to these stats and some. Every year there are players who just seem to play far better than they should: David Luiz, Felipe Santana and Eric Bailly to name a few. Akanji falls into this category. He even has an 88-rated objectives card, which is one of the best defensive cards on the whole game.

3. Lucas Hernandez (Bayern Munich)

Lucas Hernandez's FUT 20 stats.

Average price (PS4 & XBOX One combined) = 7,700 coins

FIFA 20 Rating: 84

Standout stat: 86 aggression

To some of the retro FUT players, 7,700 coins may seem like a fair chunk of cash. However, in the modern times of FUT Champions and Division Rivals, this is merely a few games’ worth.

Hernandez cost a lot more than this at the start of the game, which is usually an indication of how good a card is to play with (as we’ll discuss more later). 81 pace, 83 defending and 82 physical on a centre-back is pretty awesome as it is, but it gets better the deeper you delve. 85 jumping, 86 slide tackling and 81 defensive awareness make up for the slightly questionable 6’0 height and High/High workrates, which you’ll soon forget about in game.

Being French and from the Bundesliga, Hernandez has a plethora of incredible players that he can link with, including Akanji. Go on, make the ‘Squawka centre-back partnership’ that performed so well under Julian Nagelsmann.

4. Allan (Napoli)

Allan's FUT 20 stats.

Average price (PS4 & XBOX One combined) = 12,250 coins

FIFA 20 Rating: 85

Standout stat: 94 stamina

Again, 12,250 coins may seem like a lot, but it doesn’t take much to grind up to this level, especially if you’ve been playing FIFA since Christmas. Regardless, this is still an absolute steal for a player of Allan’s quality.

Where do we even start? Look at those dribbling stats. Look at those defensive stats. 89 interceptions! 88 tackling! 88 defensive awareness! 90 aggression! That is not even the half of it. In-game, he can play as well as, if not better than, N’Golo Kante, who costs 150,000 coins more.

Being a Brazilian player in the Serie A, there is plenty of potential to link him up with some seriously top tier talent around the globe. A green link to Kalidou Koulibaly, for example.

5. Moussa Sissoko

Moussa Sissoko's FUT 20 stats.

Average price (PS4 & XBOX One combined) = 3,600 coins

FIFA 20 Rating: 81

Standout stat: 89 physical

Remember what we said about Lucas Hernandez’s price at the start of the game? Well, in September and October, you’d have done well to get Sissoko for less than 50,000 coins. For an 81 rated card with not a lot of real-life hype around him, that is borderline obscene.

The reason for this is that his card is simply broken. Only one normal gold card (Moussa Marega) has a higher physical than him – his 89 rating is mainly down to his 90 strength and 91 stamina. Combine this with 81 pace, which is a fantastic rating for a central midfielder regardless of Sissoko’s physicality, and you get effectively a Pro Clubs level player in FUT. He’s also 6’2 and has High/High workrates, meaning he will be in the thick of the action at both ends of the pitch.

His technical stats are also pretty well rounded. He’s also French and plays in the Premier League, which means he slots into nearly every FUT team imaginable.

6. Ousmane Dembele

Ousmane Dembele's FUT 20 stats.

Average price (PS4 & XBOX One combined) = 7,200 coins

FIFA 20 Rating: 84

Standout stat: 5* weak foot

Anyone who has entered the FUT game mode over the past few years will know just how insane Ousmane Dembele is in-game. We’ve included him on this list for the 0.01% of you who don’t already know this because it’s our duty to tell you.

Just look. Look at those stats. 89 agility and dribbling? 93 pace? 83 shot power paired with 79 finishing for a winger? Yes please. Frenchman playing for Barcelona? Go on then. Can this get any better? Yes it can. 5* skills and 5* weak foot. Both. Yes. Really.

Why are you still reading this description? Go and buy him.

7. Wissam Ben Yedder

Wissam Ben Yedder's FUT 20 stats.

Average price (PS4 & XBOX One combined) = 3,900 coins

FIFA 20 Rating: 83

Standout stat: 88 finishing

Ben Yedder has always flown under the radar somewhat on FUT but this year has seen him burst into the limelight as a leading option for many on the game.

He possesses elite striker stats with 89 positioning and 88 finishing as well as some crucially high dribbling ones, such as 90 agility and 89 balance. You can link him up with Sissoko, Dembele and Hernandez too. Basically, France are stupidly good on FIFA.

The icing on the cake is that mouth-watering 5* weak foot, which makes him infinitely harder to defend against and infinitely easier to use. He’s one of the most well-rounded, budget options in the entire game and is definitely worth trying out.


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