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What is BTTS (Both Teams To Score) in Betting

By Dean Smith

both teams to score explained

Published: 15:23, 11 June 2023 | Updated: 11:36, 29 February 2024

Quite simply, as above, the acronym BTTS stands for both teams to score and is a bet that has quickly gained massive popularity with football punters. That is simply down to the fact that your bet can still be running to the final whistle. It is a bet combining mathematics and football knowledge, so it is precisely the kind of strategic challenge many punters enjoy.

Decoding BTTS: Both Teams to Score

BTTS is a relatively recent bookmaker offering, which became popular with Betfred and their ‘Goals Galore’ coupon. It’s on offer with almost every bookmaker for league games, cup games, European matches, and pretty much any contest during the season.

Its emergence and growth with punters has come from its simplicity. A straightforward concept that is easy to understand has made it one of the most popular bets currently on offer.

Why Bet on BTTS?

Football matches are unpredictable, and while it is one of the main reasons we love it as much as we do, it can make it hard to predict who will win games. On a straight BTTS bet, it doesn’t matter who wins a game – you are only looking for both teams to score – you win if it’s 1-1, 4-3 or 1-7! 

Of course, you can also click no and bet on both teams not scoring, but there is less excitement cheering on a lack of goals!

How to Place a BTTS Bet

A BTTS bet is one of the easiest to place. Most bookmakers will have coupons in shops and online that have BTTS on them – it’s as simple as marking or clicking on yes or no. All bets are on 90 minutes only in cup games. 

Most betting is done online, so click on football and then on coupons which will allow you to find BTTS. That will bring up all the games that day you can bet with odds in the two columns of yes and no. Click on the ones you want to add to your bet slip.

Strategies for BTTS Betting

Statistics are your friend when it comes to a BTTS wager. There are a lot of sites out there that will tell you the percentage of each team’s games that have been successful, as well as a myriad of other stats. 

One important thing to consider is home form versus away form. Some teams are excellent on their patch but poor on the road. Having the better team away from home can help with BTTS rather than the better teams at home, where you risk a whitewash.

Teams away at a top-of-the-league opponent are always likely to park the bus and try to keep things 0-0 for as long as they can. Avoid teams who play a defensive style, especially on the road. If they are not looking to attack, they will find it hard to score the goal you require.

Anyone who has good maths skills could enjoy the challenge. Many BTTS matches are priced up about 10/11 or 5/6, both yes and no. If a 1/1 shot is a 50% chance of something happening, those prices roughly represent 52-55% as a perceived chance of BTTS landing. Find games where both teams have landed BTTS in 60% of their games, and you have a perceived edge on the price.

Understanding BTTS Odds

While the odds in BTTS are generally short, certain games contain bigger odds. These often see Manchester City at home to one of the lesser lights in the division. It is harder to see a poor team scoring at the Etihad than in a mid-table game where two teams who score and concede a lot go head-to-head. 

Bigger odds always tempt a punter, but understanding the chance of something happening versus the odds on offer is crucial to find suitable games to play BTTS.

BTTS Variations: BTTS and Win, BTTS in Both Halves, and More

As punters demand more markets, bookmakers have had to add variations to the traditional BTTS market. One of the most popular is the BTTS and win, where you pick the winning side in a game where both teams score. For example, you select Arsenal away at West Ham – if Arsenal wins 2-1, then the bet lands. 

BTTS in both halves is interesting if you feel a particular game has the makings of a goal fest. Pick games where both teams will score in the first half and both will score again in the second half. This isn’t easy, but the prices reflect this as they are much bigger.

BTTS no draw is another recent addition – simply as long as one team wins and both sides find the back of the net, you are onto a winner. As with all these variations, research and statistical analysis are the best way to find good games. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Placing a BTTS Bet

One of the biggest mistakes that most punters will make is being greedy. With most BTTS prices being short, it is tempting to create Accas with many selections. While this is an excellent way to boost a potential payout, it makes winning the bet harder. Keep things simple and only put in games you are very confident about. 

Always ensure that you put the study in before placing a BTTS bet. Don’t rush picking your selections in just a few minutes, and if a team has a specific player that is important for the bet, wait for team news before placing your bet. 

Final Thoughts: Is BTTS Right for You?

There are few worse feelings than a stoppage time goal ruining an accumulator. With BTTS betting, the opposite can be true – a stoppage time goal might be the making of your bet! The old saying that it’s not over until the fat lady sings has never been more true than when it comes to BTTS.

For most punters, it’s an easy bet to understand, which is always a big plus. That adds to the popularity and the feeling that they are more straightforward bets to land, though that is not strictly true. For those looking for a bit of fun that can last the entire 90 minutes, BTTS are ideal.