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Tops of the Tournament: The best and worst gear you’ll see at Euro 2020

By Muhammad Butt

Best kits Euro 2020

Published: 18:26, 9 June 2021

From home to away and even training tops, there is going to be plenty of new gear on display this summer at Euro 2020.

So we took a look at what’s available, to come up with a list of the sharpest and the saddest, the coolest and the cruellest, the best and worst Euro 2020 gear available this summer for WorldSoccerShop.

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The Best:

5. Germany (training)

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Germany are going to look great this summer. Even in training. Die Mannschaft will be rocking a wonderful black-and-white training T-shirt with a beautiful marble pattern that will make the German players look like they were carved from stone as some ancient monument to football.

4. Wales (home)

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There’s always something to be said for bold colours, and Wales have said plenty with their striking home kit. Bright searing red is accented with yellow Adidas trim and lettering to make the Welsh boys look positively superheroic. Can they do better than the semi-final finish they managed in Euro 2016? If aesthetics are the deciding factor, then yes!

3. Germany (away)



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From an abundance of colour to a lack of it, Germany’s away kit at the Euros is a powerful blackout shirt. They say black absorbs sunlight, which could explain why the shirt can hold our gaze so powerfully with just one colour (and some red trim, admittedly). The Germans are going to look so intense and ferociously stylish in their new alternates that their fans will be praying for kit clashes.

2. Italy (home)

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Sometimes nothing beats a bit of subtle background detail, as Italy will demonstrate this summer. Their usual Azurri blue is given added depth by a diamond pattern with floral detailing that repeats across the shirt, draws the eyes in and keeps them hypnotised. Let’s just hope Italy’s football can live up to their apparel, although in this shirt they’d have to win the whole tournament to even come close!

1. Netherlands (home)

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How can you improve on an iconic classic? Well, it’s certainly hard, but Nike have pulled it off with the Netherlands’ home kit. The cut is a delightful V-neck, the colour is bold and black to match the trim and lettering plus the colour is a gorgeous orange.

However, the extra touch is a subtle pattern all over the front of the shirt, a pattern that represents a lion, the national symbol of the Netherlands team. It’s subtle enough that at first it’s just a cool pattern but clear enough that once you see it, you love it.

The Worst:

5. Croatia (training)

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Croatia’s home kit is magic. It’s classic but magic. Their away kit is unique but black and red and white is always a winning combo and the scattered squares pattern is intriguing. Their training kit, however, is just… it doesn’t work. It has the grid-like makings of a nice kit but every so often the thing glitches out like Wreck It Ralph and the squares change size and frequency. The end result is a truly unpleasant thing that is so bad, Croatia aren’t even wearing it during training!

4. Poland (home)

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It’s really strange that Poland’s shirt is designed the way it is, with the badge central but the Nike logo still off to the side. It’s bad but passable on the away shirt. On the home number, however, it combines with a stodgy collar to create a pretty unattractive bit of gear that looks like a polo shirt gone wrong.

3. Czech Republic (away)

The design of the Czech away kit is fine, the problem with it is that… well, it’s the colour, a hue that resembles the skin of those aliens from Toy Story. We are not eternally grateful.

2. Netherlands (training)

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The Netherlands will look amazing on the pitch (their away kit is tasty, too, albeit not like the home one) but off it, while training, they will look absolutely ridiculous. The Dutch training kit is a bunch of random diamond shapes on a white shirt plus the logo of a banking multinational sprawled across the chest. It is a profoundly bizarre-looking piece of gear.

1. Portugal (away)

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Portugal have had such success in the past with horizontal bars on their kits that you can almost see the logic behind this shirt. “If one bar was good, three would be great!” but reality the result is a genuinely hideous top.

Portugal have had some of the best away shirts in recent tournament history (Euro 2012, anyone?) and although this was inspired by a popular training top, the colours don’t complement each other, the design looks like they let a 10-year-old loose with Photoshop, and the overall effect is very bad. This is the worst bit of gear you will see at Euro 2020.