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Mind-blowing stats you may have missed from Bayern Munich 8-2 Barcelona

By Will Hall

Bayern 8-2 Barcelona stats

Published: 23:05, 14 August 2020

Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 8-2 in Friday night’s Champions League quarter-final to open up a whole can of outrageous stats.

Here are 11 of them.

NB: Unless otherwise specified, when we say stuff like ‘in Champions League history’, we mean since the competition was restructured and branded as such in 1992.

1. Bayern blaze a trail right through Barcelona’s defence…

Before tonight, no team had scored five goals against Barcelona in a single Champions League match during the competition’s history.

2. …to set multiple UCL records

Thanks to two late goals and an assist from Barcelona loanee Philippe Coutinho, Bayern Munich scored eight in total, as by now you are hopefully aware. This is one more than the previous best in terms of goals scored in a single Champions League quarter-final game. The record used to belong to Manchester United, who beat Roma 7-1 in 2007.

Bayern are also the first team to score eight goals in a single UCL game at any stage during the knockout phase.

3. …and ‘equal’ the aggregate one

Tonight’s scoreline actually ‘equals’ the biggest aggregate win ever in a Champions League quarter-final, which was recorded when Real Madrid beat Cypriot side Apoel in 2017.

4. Barca hit ‘rock bottom’

We could go on, so we will. This was the worst defeat of Lionel Messi’s career, Barcelona’s biggest since 1946 and, according to Spanish statistician ‘Mister Chip’, one of only six occasions on which they conceded eight goals or more.

Speaking to the media after the game, Barca defender Gerard Pique said: ‘The clubs need changes and I’m not talking about the coach or any one player. The club needs profound change. We have hit rock bottom. We need to reflect and do what is best for the club.

“I will be the first to offer to go if we need new blood.”

Quick reads & football nostalgia:

5. Lewandowski joined UCL goalscoring royalty

Robert Lewandowski took more shots (4) than the entire Barcelona team combined (3) in the first half but had to wait till after the interval for his goal. He is now one of three players have scored in eight consecutive Champions League appearances, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Cristiano Ronaldo being the other two.

He also became one of five players to score 50 or more Champions League goals for a single club. The others are Lionel Messi at Barcelona (114), as well as Cristiano Ronaldo (105), Raúl (66), Karim Benzema (52), all at Real Madrid.

6. Barcelona’s worst nightmareMuller

Thomas Muller scored Bayern’s third and fourth goals of the night, so he’s now the top-scoring player against Barcelona in Champions League history with six goals.

7. No Competition for Old Men

According to Opta, Barcelona named their ‘oldest’ lineup in Champions League history tonight in terms of average age (29 years and 329). Looking at the pace in Bayern’s team, you can’t help but wonder whether it counted against them…

8. The slimmest of silver linings for Suárez

Barca fans, rejoice! Because Luis Suárez scored his first goal away from the Camp Nou in the Champions League since September 2015. Tonight’s game took place in a neutral venue, of course. So technically his wait for a bona fide away goal goes on.

9. Bayern’s attack is merciless

Bayern have scored multiple goals in every single Champions League game they’ve played this season. On only one occasion have they scored fewer than three, a 2-0 win at home to Olympiacos in the group stage.

Overall, they have 39 goals in nine games. That makes an average of 4.3 per match. The most goals any team has ever scored in a single Champions League campaign is Liverpool (47 in 2017/18), and they had the luxury of two-legged ties.

10. So long, Señor

There will be no team representing Spain in the Champions League semi-finals. Not since Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and AC Milan made up the final four 13 years ago in 2006/07 have we been able to say that.

11. GOAT-free zone

And sticking with that theme, for the first time since the 2004/05 season the semi-final line-up will be without at least one of Messi or Ronaldo’s current teams.