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Higher or lower? European football quiz – football rivalries edition

By Harry Edwards

Published: 13:00, 26 February 2024

Stats. We love them.

On their own, stats can tell a nice story, and we have a fair few awards based on the most basic of stats. Golden Boot (and its various other names), Golden Glove, Playmaker Award.

Of course, over recent years data analysis has developed to focus on even the most intricate of details.

While there is no substitute for actually watching football, stats can be a good supplement to the “eye test” to see just how well a player is doing. One of the comparisons fans might like to make over the season is how their players are doing against an opposite number from their biggest rivals.

So we’re testing your knowledge. How well do you know the stats of some of these players from the biggest rivalries across Europe? Has Phil Foden had more shots on target than Bruno Fernandes in the Premier League? It’s time to find out!

If you want to make some comparisons of your own, head over to our Comparison Matrix for all your desires.

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