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Quiz: Can you name every FIFA cover star since the video game series began?

By Harry Edwards

FIFA cover stars: Name every player to feature on video game series

Published: 15:24, 28 July 2020

Excitement surrounding FIFA 21 is building with Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe recently being announced as the cover star.

The Frenchman will appear on all three versions of the game, with different covers for the Standard, Champions and Ultimate Editions and joins a long list of stars to have graced the front of the biggest football simulation game in the world.

Since the series debuted in 1993 with FIFA International Soccer, a grand total of 37 players have been given the honour of being a FIFA cover star on the UK version of the game. Expanding it across the globe, that number only gets higher, with countries often getting a region-specific player for their FIFA in the earlier years.

But bringing things a bit closer to home, can you name the 37 different players to have been a FIFA cover star in either a UK exclusive or the general European version?

And we’re not just talking about the standard editions. For the more recent versions split into Standard, Champions and Ultimate, we want all three players.

We’ve given you one to start off with in Mbappe, but as the years roll back, the most dedicated of FIFA fans will shine.

We’ve also given you another helping hand with either the nationality or club team included for each player.

Remember, Googling is dishonourable and pay close attention to your spelling…

Good luck!

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