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Premier League 2019/20 season so far…. how closely have you been watching?

By Ollie Thomas

Published: 14:00, 15 June 2020

After months of anticipation, the Premier League is nearing its return. 

It will be the third of Europe’s top five leagues to resume, following the Bundesliga and La Liga, with Ligue 1 curtailing their season and Serie A on its way.

While English fans have been treated to action from Germany and Spain over the past few weeks, excitement is growing with the Premier League just days away. No longer will we have to make do with watching past classics to get our Premier League fix, although the throwbacks to the past have been great.

But before it all returns on Wednesday with Aston Villa vs Sheffield United and Manchester City vs Arsenal, how about one last quiz to test and refresh your memory of the Premier League season so far? We’ve delved into the darkest depths of Opta’s Twitter feed to pull out some of the most obscure and fascinating stats.

How much can you remember? Fancy yourself as a bit of a football know-it-all? Prove it.