New Betting Sites

Betting can be a lucrative enterprise for those that run betting websites and savvy punters too. So it’s no surprise there are so many new betting sites vying for the attention of those punters. Below we take a close look at the state of new sites available to the average UK punter, pick 5 we feel represent the best of the best, and provide an array of tips to help you make a wise decision when choosing a new betting site.

How Do New Betting Sites Work? 

The first order of business for any new betting site is to attract bettors. As the new kids on the block, a betting website needs to offer something that will catch the wandering eye of the punter and draw them away from their current site. That means welcome bonuses. But welcome bonuses alone are not enough. The site itself has to be mobile-friendly, secure, fast, and have a bookmaker behind it who knows what he’s doing.

Odds and markets are the bread and butter of the betting site. So without competitive odds and an array of markets a new site doesn’t stand much chance of gaining traction before it runs out of operating capital. To keep punters coming back a new betting site has to also offer promotions, bonuses, free bets and more. Anything within reason that will prevent the punter from losing interest and moving on. 

A new betting site also needs to acknowledge we’re living in the 21st century, not the 20th. That means in-play betting and, when possible, live streaming. The betting site also needs to be mobile-friendly since most betting action today has migrated to the smartphone. There are other things that play a role in determining who thrives and who goes belly up in the world of betting sites, and we’ll get into them now.

How to Judge New Betting Sites

When it comes to betting sites we want to see something that combines the convivial atmosphere of a brick and mortar betting shop with the advantages of state of the art digital technology. We want experienced bookmakers who know what they’re doing, competitive odds, in-play action and, whenever possible, live streaming. And that’s just for starters. Let’s have a look then at what separates the winners from the also-rans.

Betting Markets

A betting site can have all the digital bells and whistles, live streaming and a £100 welcome bonus, but if it comes up short in the betting markets department punters are going to exit faster than you can say ‘Free Bet Friday’.

 Betting markets make the world go round. Football betting markets in particular, followed by basketball, horse racing and other major sports. Bookmakers should be creative and work tirelessly to present punters with new and interesting options as well as a full retinue of standards. But be aware, location can often play a major role in determining which sports a bookmaker will focus on.

In-play Betting

In-play betting became a viable possibility thanks to digital technology where bets can be registered at the speed of light in real-time. It has opened up entirely new vistas of betting and added some real drama to sporting events that used to be mostly a matter of bet and wait. 

In-play betting (or in-game betting, depending on who you’re talking to) is where the punter places a bet on a game, race or match that is already in progress. In some cases, the in-play options change by the minute. In other cases, it’s a matter of waiting until there’s a stoppage in play or a goal has been scored or some other action-related marker. Any decent online bookmaker is going to offer in-play betting.

Live Streaming

Live viewing of fixtures or horse races is nothing new. You’ve been able to watch live sporting events on the TV for decades. What’s new is the ability to show these events live over the internet, a process called a ‘live stream’ as opposed to a ‘live broadcast’ for TV. 

Live streaming chews up enormous amounts of bandwidth and that costs money. As such, not every new betting site has the financial wherewithal to offer live streaming right out of the gate. So while live streaming is something we would like to see, it’s not a deal-breaker if a new betting site doesn’t offer it.

Promotions & New Betting Site Offers

Something else we considered when sizing up new betting sites, are promotions and special offers. We’re talking about bonuses, free bets, concessions and more that the bookmaker will offer. Bookmakers don’t exist in a vacuum. Competition between them is intense, and those who fail to catch the eye of punters are not long around. 

You would be wise to keep in mind that it’s in the bookmaker’s interest to sweeten the pot for you and spend some time shopping for promos and bonuses. When it came to choosing the best new sites for our list, it’s certainly something that was front and centre in our minds.

Welcome Bonus

Promos and concessions are all well and good but a betting site first has to get new players in the door. They do that primarily by offering a welcome bonus. The size of these welcome bonuses can vary considerably. Some will offer a flat £10 bonus for new customers. Others will offer a larger flat bonus, sometimes as much as £40 or £50. Just one word of caution: if you come across a betting site offering a bonus such as 200% of your initial deposit, you should give them a pass. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Deposit Bet

Sometimes lady luck is in a fickle mood and a punter will exhaust their deposit. In such cases you will be faced with an either/or proposition: either deposit more funds and keep playing or head to the pub to lick your wounds. Unless, that is, you have signed on with a betting site that provides a bonus if you reload your account. 

These reload bonuses, or deposit bets, will sometimes match your deposit pound for pound up to a certain amount. In other cases, you will be offered X amount if you deposit at least X amount. In other words, you will receive, say, £25 if you deposit at least £100. For frequent bettors, these deposit bonuses can make a big difference.

No Deposit

The no deposit bonus is something of a relic, but you can still find it from time to time. The no deposit bonus is just that; a bonus for merely signing up for a betting site. The way it works is that you fill out the membership form and upon completion X amount is deposited in your account to use as you wish. 

As you can imagine punters love this type of offer. So much so that bookmakers have lost a lot of money on them and have quietly scaled back their use. Still, as we mentioned, they do pop up from time to time, particularly on brand new betting sites.

Matched Bet

Matched betting enables a punter to eliminate risk by laying contradictory bets related to the same potential outcome. In other words, you bet against yourself. Punters often use free bets to do matched betting because it guarantees they will realize some profit from that free bet. Be aware, however, that matched betting is only possible on a betting exchange such as Smarkets.

Mobile Bonus 

The best new betting sites understand that most punters have gone mobile these days and offer some type of mobile bonus to attract their business. A mobile bonus can take several different forms. It may be a free bet or free bets awarded on signup. Or the site may match the first bet the new mobile customer makes. In some cases, the real-world value of a mobile bonus may be significantly higher than that offered to new PC or laptop customers.

Top 5 New Betting Sites of 2020

It seems like every month there is a new betting site coming online. Of course, all of them claim to be the best, but many just wind up making a dog’s dinner of things. We spent long hours combing through dozens of websites, assessing each bookmaker’s pros and cons, sifting through their markets, comparing odds and weighing other features like in-play betting, live streaming and more. After separating the pretenders from the contenders we compiled this list of new betting sites we consider the best.


For a site that is just over a year old SBK has made quite an impression. They wisely partnered with the highly-regarded Smarkets to produce a sportsbook app that has a lot of competitors reassessing their own apps. And they routinely offer up some of the most competitive odds you will find. SBK spared no expense when it came to the technological end of things. The result is both a betting site and a multiplatform sportsbook app that are resetting the bar for 21st-century punters. SBK was designed from the ground up with the goal of making the user experience easier and more profitable than ever before. And for the most part, they succeed.


  • The smartphone app is state-of-the-art.
  • By partnering with Smarkets they expand the user experience.
  • Registering is fast and easy.
  • Lots of markets on big events.
  • Competitive odds.


  • In-play betting on horse racing is hard to find.


 Smarkets is a relatively new betting exchange that takes the expanded possibilities of an exchange website and marries it to cutting edge technology. The site has an impressive high-tech feel to it, and that feel is more than just an act. Everything runs smooth as silk, loads lightning fast and odds are the most up-to-date you’ll find. You can personalize your experience to some degree with different backgrounds and such. But it’s likely you’ll be so busy taking advantage of the hundreds of markets that personalization isn’t going to matter all that much. Commissions are competitive, and there is a signup bonus, although it’s pretty modest.


  • The site is eye-catching, fast, and intuitive.
  • Real-time odds, low commissions.
  • Hundreds of markets in play every day.
  • Flexibility of the betting exchange.


  • No live streaming.
  • Signup bonus is fairly modest.


Every new betting site is looking for a competitive advantage that will get them noticed. With BetRegal, that angle was to accept low margins which allows them to optimize payouts. With markets priced to 99%, most punters will probably wonder “What’s the catch?” In this case, the catch is those odds of 99% are only available until 48 hours before kickoff. Still, if you’re an early bird, you stand a chance to catch some pretty sizable worms. BetRegal also offers Football Pulse betting and hundreds of markets on all major and most niche sports. If there is a downside here, it’s the lack of live streaming. Hopefully, they plan to add it in the near future.


  • Low margins mean potentially big paydays for early bettors.
  • Football Pulse betting keeps the action hot and heavy.
  • Scores of in-play markets every day.
  • £10 free bet on signup.


  •  No live streaming.


STS offers more than 40 sports including football, NBA basketball, tennis, rugby, horse racing and much more. You’ll also be able to try your luck with niche sports like skiing. The rap against new sites is that they typically don’t cover enough sports or provide enough markets to make signing up worth your while. But that’s not the case with STS. In fact, STS claim they offer more than 30,000 events per month. If you can’t find a sporting event here to bet on, maybe it doesn’t exist.


  • Outstanding coverage for a new site.
  • A wealth of betting markets on major events.
  • Plenty of in-play betting opportunities.
  • One of the best loyalty clubs going.
  • £40 welcome bonus.


  •  No live chat.


What are the best new betting sites? 

Obviously, we’re partial to the sites listed above. The people and organizations behind these sites have done their homework. Each has several distinct advantages over the average betting site. Each employs state of the art technology (although a couple come up short when it comes to live streaming). And each offers an impressive array of betting markets. These are the kinds of advantages you’d expect to find in long-established online giants. These new sites offer them right out of the gate.

What are the best leagues to bet on? 

When it comes to BTTS (both teams to score) betting nothing beats the Premier League at the moment. Nearly 2/3 of all games are paying off on BTTS bets (as of this writing). Another league that’s worthy of the astute punter’s consideration is the Finnish Veikkausliiga League, where only about 1/3 of all matches are currently averaging more than 2.5 goals. These situations are not guaranteed to last forever, but they point to the kind of trends savvy bettors should look for.

How can I apply the welcome bonus to my bet slip? 

In most cases, as soon as you have met all the terms and conditions for betting on a site any welcome bonus will be automatically applied to your account and will be visible on your betting slip. Typically what happens is that there is a button of some kind on the betting slip that will say ‘welcome bonus’ or ‘bonus bet’, or something similar. When you click on that it will show your bonus and ask if you want to apply it to the current bet.

Which sites offer live streaming? 

Of our favourite new betting sites SBK and STS all offer live streaming of sporting events from around the world. Smarkets does not offer live streaming but they are a betting exchange, not a traditional bookmaker. If you are not familiar with the difference, the betting exchange offers expanded betting possibilities by allowing punters to bet against each other. This is in addition to betting the odds established by bookmakers.

Which best new betting sites offer great promotions? 

Our list of top new betting sites UK includes one whose welcome bonus stands clear of the rest. That would be STS. When you join STS as a new member you’re awarded a £40 welcome bonus that is applied to your account immediately so you can get underway without delay. When compared to the £10 promotions being run on other sites it’s a clear winner.


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