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Liverpool midfielder Milner admits he will be a Man Utd fan on Wednesday night

By Steve Jennings

Published: 17:09, 23 April 2019

Liverpool midfielder James Milner has admitted he will be supporting Manchester United for the very first time when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side face Manchester City on Wednesday night.

Jurgen Klopp’s men will stay above City at the top of the Premier League if United win or draw at Old Trafford.

Milner’s rivalry with Man Utd: Five key things to know…

  1. Milner grew up in Leeds and made 54 appearances for his hometown club Leeds United.
  2. Leeds supporters consider Manchester United to be their fiercest rivals.
  3. Milner also played for Manchester City and was part of the 2011/12 squad that narrowly beat United to the Premier League title.
  4. The 33-year-old scored a penalty against Cardiff on Sunday to lift Liverpool back above City in the title race.
  5. Liverpool also have an intense rivalry with United but Milner and co. will be setting that aside on Wednesday.

Milner’s former club City will return to first place with a victory in what is arguably their toughest remaining match.

And while Milner has confessed he will be supporting United, he says it’s unlikely he will actually sit and watch the game.

“It’ll be the first time in my life!” Milner said when asked if he wants United to win.

“I don’t watch (games like these), to be honest. It’s a bit of a waste of energy, isn’t it, willing the ball into the goal and things like that. I can’t do anything about it.

“Maybe I’ll put my phone away for a couple of hours and check it after. Maybe I’ll go and grab some food or whatever. There are three games left. United will be a challenge for City, but it’s the old cliché – any game is tough in the Premier League no matter who you play.

“To try and win a league title is not easy, whoever you play. Trust me, I know. Remember QPR (against Man City in 2012)? To beat anyone is tough when it is all on the line. We’ve still got some tough games ourselves – and we have to win those and keep the pressure up.”

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Milner: ‘All we can do is keep winning’

Liverpool could win all of their remaining matches and still finish second behind Manchester City, who would also need to win every game in that instance.

If that’s the case, Liverpool would finish on 97 points while City would finish on 98, just two fewer than the champions amassed last season.

Milner admits Liverpool will just have to hold their hands up and congratulate City if the above comes to fruition.

“For a long time we have had our head round the fact that we just need to win all of our games,” Milner added.

“If we do that and it’s not good enough, you have to hold your hands up and say ‘well done City’. All we can do is keep asking them questions and keep winning our games.

“We know they’re a top team and they’ve done it before. It’s about encouragement at how we have improved. Of course it’s frustrating that we could have one defeat and it might still not be enough, but all we can do is win the rest of our games and keep putting them under pressure.”