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Man Utd No.10 Marcus Rashford reveals the three current players he studies

By Ollie Thomas

Published: 12:42, 11 August 2019

Marcus Rashford has revealed that he watches clips of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar in order to improve his own game.

Rashford is still in the infancy of his own career and has said that he still idolises players in a similar way to how he did as a child.

A big season for Rashford? Five things to know…

  • Rashford scored 13 goals in all competitions last season.
  • He scored fewer goals than former team-mate Romelu Lukaku (15).
  • He and Anthony Martial are expected to lead the line for Utd this season.
  • Only Ashley Young and Paul Pogba created more chances for the Red Devils last season.
  • Since his debut, no Man Utd player has been involved in more goals than Rashford (66).

In an interview with the Times, Rashford said: “I still watch clips of loads of players. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar.

“If they’ve done something at the weekend I’d want to know how they’ve done it.

“Messi’s natural abilities are crazy. It’s a joy to watch him but also for the [way he uses] space.

“I remember the first time I played Barcelona in pre-season [in Maryland, 2017], the team were like clockwork based around him.

“It wasn’t necessarily what Messi was doing on the ball that was, ‘Wow.’ It was the positions he was taking up, and how he affected a game without even touching the ball, that was also special.”

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Rashford seeks that Brazilian flair

It is not just present-day players that Rashford has studied meticulously.

As is the case with most footballers, the Mancunian had idols growing up too and cites the ‘unscripted’ nature of two players in particular: the Brazilian Ronaldo and his compatriot Ronaldinho.

He said: “When I was younger, I’d watch games, watch clips on YouTube, then go out, and try everything.

“I watched Ronaldinho doing that flip-flap. I watched a lot of the Brazilian Ronaldo when I was really young.

“Ronaldo was the one that made you love the game and want to try things that people wouldn’t normally try.

“Just everything. It’s not scripted.”