How Jamie Vardy could serve Football Index traders well over the Christmas fixture run

By Steve Jennings

Published: 16:30, 28 November 2019

December is the busiest time of year in the Premier League, particularly for Football Index traders.

That’s why it’s the best time to take advantage of the 30-day In-Play Dividends when considering which players to buy. Essentially, In-Play Dividends means that for the first 30 days you hold a player, you will receive dividend payouts for goals and assists, and clean sheets for goalkeepers (only eligible for Europe’s top five leagues and Euro 2020 qualifiers).

For new traders, this might all sound a bit confusing. That’s why we talked to Craig Rennie of Football Index Elite to get the lowdown on In-Play Dividends, how you can get the most out of the festive period and trading around big games on the world’s first football stock market.

Very profitable… if done correctly

Craig sees In-Play Dividends as a good way to make a profit on Football Index, using Lazio striker Ciro Immobile as an example.

“The 30-day trades are now a key part of trading on the Index. During the selection process, my first thing to check is a player’s upcoming fixtures,” Craig says.

“Our latest 30-day player tip from Index Elite was Ciro Immobile, who was tipped at £1.47 on the 29th October. Since then we have seen him rise to £1.91 and he has returned eight goals, two assists and one top forward payout.

“It’s quite a volatile way of trading and important to pick the right player, but if done correctly it can be very profitable.”

Vardy the Football Index player’s perfect December pick?

With England forgoing the winter break we see in many other top leagues, the Premier League is perfect for In-Play Dividends in December.

And for the next 30 days, Craig recommends going for the division’s current top scorer, Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy.

“He has eight fixtures during the period and is involved in many of Leicester’s goals,” Craig notes.

Leicester have winnable home games against the likes of Norwich City and Watford in December. Vardy also loves playing against the big boys (with 32 goals in 56 PL games v ‘Big Six’ opponents),  so he may be on the scoresheet when the Foxes face Manchester City and Liverpool either side of Christmas.

Be cautious with big games

While Craig notes that player values can experience “huge rises” on Champions League matchdays, he suggests a cautious approach to big games.

“I wouldn’t advise getting too involved in single big matches,” he says, “as you are almost gambling on a player scoring or playing well. There are plenty of traders who do this and probably to some success, but it would be too risky for me to get involved.”

That said, some traders do have single-game tactics that can be profitable, albeit risky.

Craig adds: “A lot of people also target teams that are playing on a Friday night as they have less players to contend with for winning ‘player of the day’.”

Finding the best tactic for you is the best road to go down, according to Craig, but it seems like Vardy could be making plenty of friends among the Football Index community over the next 30 days.

You have to be 18+ to gamble. For more information, go to Player prices accurate at the time of writing (15:30, 28/11/2019).