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I wouldn’t swap Eriksen for Hazard or Pogba – Darren Anderton

By Nick Thompson

Published: 17:50, 27 March 2019

Darren Anderton has suggested he would not sell Christian Eriksen for Eden Hazard or Paul Pogba if he were in charge of Tottenham.

The former Spurs midfielder, with 358 appearances for the club, made the suggestion amid a continued stalemate over the Dane’s contract at Tottenham.

Eriksen over Hazard and Pogba? Five things to know…

  1. Eriksen arrived at Spurs in 2013, and has since gone on to make 264 appearances for the club.
  2. In that time, the Dane has scored 63 times and 81 assists.
  3. The midfielder has been central to Spurs’ recent successes, and in more recent seasons has exerted a level of influence in games seen by the likes of Luka Modric.
  4. Meanwhile Hazard and Pogba are seen as two of the great talents in the league.
  5. Hazard has hit 92 goals in the time since Eriksen has been in the league, and 72 assists.

Speaking about the top players in the Premier League, Anderton was drawn on the merits of Eriksen at Spurs.

“There isn’t anyone like him really. There’s Hazard who also makes things happen and opens teams up and Pogba is doing that too at United,” said Anderton, speaking to 888Sport.

“But I wouldn’t swap Eriksen for anyone, that’s for sure.

“There was a spell where Spurs supporters were concerned that he never seemed to do it in the big games but I never really bought into that.

“When Spurs are playing well it’s usually because he’s the one making things happen. His ability to make a pass makes him a world-class talent and I love watching him play.”

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Eriksen over Hazard and Pogba?

It’s understandable that Anderton would make the argument he has, considering Eriksen is a rare playmaker, a special profile of a player.

But, arguably, Hazard is the marginally better footballer, if only based on his skill-set and attacking output, while Pogba has a different skill-set still.

Hazard has directly contributed to 164 goals in his tenure at Chelsea since Eriksen’s been in situ, while the Dane has contributed to 144.

The Tottenham man exerts an influence over games unlike any other in the Spurs midfield at times, while Pogba has scored 29 and assisted 29 in his stint at United, but Chelsea’s Belgian is that extra bit special in front of goal, able to beat players at will.