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Gareth Bale advised to leave ‘disrespectful’ Real Madrid for Spurs return

By Harry Edwards

Published: 15:40, 24 May 2019

Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale has been urged to leave Spain and return to Tottenham Hotspur by former striker, Mido.

Bale has spent six years with Los Blancos, playing big roles in the club’s four Champions League victories, including scoring in two finals.

Should Bale leave Real Madrid? Five key things to know…

  1. Despite his trophy-laden time with the club, Gareth Bale has never settled at Real Madrid.
  2. The Welshman has struggled to endear himself to the Los Blancos fans, who regularly voice their discontent.
  3. As a result, Bale is once again being linked with a move away.
  4. And Mido has urged Bale to return to Tottenham Hotspur, where he is loved.
  5. Bale made 203 appearances and scored 56 goals in six years for Tottenham, moving from left-back to winger.

But the Welshman has never really looked settled in Spain and has failed to endear himself to the Real Madrid fans, who have not been afraid to voice their discontent towards Bale at the Santiago Bernabeu.

And his Real Madrid career appears to have ended on a low, after being left on the bench for the final game of the season – a 2-0 defeat at home to Real Betis. As a result, former Tottenham striker Mido expressed his beliefs that it is time for Bale to say goodbye to Real Madrid – but not football.

Responding to reports of Bale retiring early, Mido told TalkSport: “I hope that’s not true. I’ve always known Gareth as a top professional, he gave everything for Tottenham and gave everything for Real Madrid and I believe he deserves more respect.

“Honestly, I would love to see him back at Tottenham. I remember his first day at Tottenham, I was there and I remember him being shown around the training ground with his mum and dad as a young boy.

“I believe if he goes back to Tottenham, he will get his desire back. I think Gareth is one of those players who needs to feel loved to play well, and at Tottenham everyone loves him.

“The news that’s coming out now is really bad because you can see there’s something against him at Madrid and he deserves more respect.”

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Not hiding his desire for Bale to return to north London, Mido went on to urge the Welshman to forget about his wages in favour of a Tottenham reunion.

He added in a message to Bale: “Go back to Tottenham. Come back and play at Tottenham for three or four years.

“He’s got so much money, I’m sure he’ll well off enough now to have a happy life with his family.

“He needs to feel loved and people love him at Tottenham. If he goes back he will be one of the best players in the Premier League again.”

Bale: Footballers are like robots

Reports over Bale possibly retiring post-Real Madrid were fuelled by the Welshman’s recent comments on the life of a footballer.

Known as ‘The Golfer’ by some Real Madrid team-mates, Bale compared the highly-structured life of a footballer to that of robots and lamented the lack of freedom similar to what a golfer would get.

Speaking to BT Sport about the recent retirement of fellow Wales international Lewin Nyatanga, as reported by Marca, Bale said: “Yes, definitely [you get your life back] because as a professional athlete – especially in a team environment – you don’t get to choose your schedule, maybe like a golf or a tennis player.

“So we’re kind of just robots. We’re told where to be, when to be there, what time we have to eat, what time we have to go to the coach. It’s kind of like you lose your life in a way. You’re kind of just told what to do.

“You don’t get to choose what you want to do, when you want to do it. So yeah, I can completely understand why [they would say] that.”

However, Bale went on to counter his comments, revealing the shortness of a football career can sometimes make the rigorous schedule worth it.

He added: “But on another point, I think a career in football is so short that sometimes you just have to sacrifice it.

“Some people think it’s worth it and some people think it’s not. Everyone knows when it’s time to retire and obviously, that was the right time for [friend Lewin Nyatanga] to do that and he’s happy.”