Football Index: Why every trader should be keeping tabs on Team of the Month dividends

By Squawka News

Football Index: Team of the Month dividends explained

Published: 15:51, 10 September 2020

The ritual of checking – and debating – which players deserve a place in any given ‘Team of the Month’ is a regular occurrence for football fans.

And it’s also become a handy way to maximise your Football Index ‘dividends’ returns. 

Profits can be made on the platform through ‘dividends’ – where players earn points awarded by algorithms based on Opta stats and media mentions – and specific Team of the Month ‘dividends’ are decided by a ranking of the total of each player’s top three Match Day scores.

So if a player has performed well enough over the course of a month, they make it into the XI. And, as a result, if you own shares in that player, you get a payout.

Here’s an example of how the scoring is broken down, as explained by the Football Index team: “If Lionel Messi played four games in a month, scoring 250, 250, 250 and 150, he would score 750 points. If he had only played two games with scores of 250 and 150, his score would be 400 points.”

The dividends are paid out on the second working day of the following month, with each top performing player per outfield position earning +10p per share. The top performing goalkeeper earns +5p per share while remaining outfield positions earn between +3p per share and +1p per share.

There is also a cut-off date to take into account. All player shares purchased before 23:59:59 (London Time) on the 21st of each month and held until the end of that month will be eligible to win Team of the Month Dividends.

Meanwhile, any existing shares already in your personal Portfolio are eligible for Team of the Month Dividends for all future months, providing they are still in your Portfolio at 23:59:59 London Time at the end of each respective month.

What is Football Index?

Like many ‘Fantasy Football’ variants, the game rewards knowledge of the sport. Except with Football Index, Traders can bet on footballers with real money using a virtual stock market where a player’s valuation will rise and fall based on how in-demand shares in them are.

The name of the game is to buy whatever rising stars you identify on the cheap and watch their stock rise before selling at a profit. Profits can also be made through ‘dividends’ – as we’ve already mentioned above – where players earn points awarded by algorithms based on Opta stats and media mentions.

For more information on how Football Index works, take a look at the video below:

It is worth noting that, as a gambling platform, you must be 18 or over to use Football Index, and other terms and conditions apply. For more information, visit

You can buy up to 300 shares on any player in a single transaction. Kevin De Bruyne fans out there would need to deposit over £1,500 to buy the maximum number of shares in the Manchester City midfielder, in one go, valued at £5.25 per share at the time of writing.

Join Football Index in three steps:

  1. Head to the Football Index website using this link here and click ‘join now’.
  2. Enter your details, including a valid email address.
  3. Deposit funds to get underway and start buying shares.

August Team of the Month

With the Europa League and Champions League being played to a conclusion, there was plenty of football for us all to digest during August, and it’s no surprise that the players who were most influential in those competitions led the way in the Team of the Month.

Newly anointed kings of Europe Bayern Munich obviously dominated the XI, with Thiago Alcântara – whose performances have been broken down in the video below – running the midfield, while the likes of Champions League top scorer Robert Lewandowski and sweeper ‘keeper Manuel Neuer also claimed a place apiece.

The rest of the team is made up the Europa League’s finest, with Man Utd penalty specialist Bruno Fernandes the only Premier League-based entry. Sevilla heroes Jesus Navas and Ever Banega sealed the top spots for defenders and midfielders respectively.