Betting Guides


What is an Accumulator?

An accumulator is a single bet with a series of 4 or more selections, in order for a bet to win all outcomes must be correct.

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian handicaps originally came into prominence in the Far East and is now popular among football bettors. The Asian Handicap betting feature gives one team a virtual head start in multiples of 0.5 (1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and more), this eliminates the option of a draw as a football team cannot score half a goal. Here’s an example:

Liverpool -1.5 vs. Everton

Unless Liverpool win by 2 clear goals, the bet is lost as they started 1.5 goals behind.


What is a banker?

A banker, another word for a very strong favourite, is the betting option with really short odds where the punter is required to place a high stake in order to win a worthwhile amount of money.

What is a bet?

Exchanging money on the correct prediction, result or outcomes of a football match.

What is a Betting Exchange?

This is when the betting market is controlled by the punters in a peer-to-peer format. Punters can bet against each other rather than the bookmaker and the prices of the odds are determined by the trend of bets placed rather than determined by the bookmaker.

What is a Bookie/Bookmaker?

A bookmaker is a company licensed to accept cash from punters to place bets and wagers.

What is BTTS? (Both Teams To Score)

BTTS is the abbreviation for ‘Both Teams To Score’. This is when both football teams are credited with a goal in a football match.

What is Both Teams to Score and Win?

This is when the punter predicts the winner of the match as well as predicting whether both teams will score.


What is a Canadian bet?

A Canadian bet is a type of combination bet that consists of 26 bets spread over 5 selections in different fixtures. The bet consists of 10 trebles, 10 doubles, 5 fourfolds, and an accumulator. In order to finish with any returns for your bet, the punter must win a minimum of two selections.

What is Cash Out in betting?

Some bookmakers allow the punter to settle their bets early, before all of their selections and outcomes have finished, at a reduced rate based on the likelihood that the bet will win. This is popular for betting in-play as punters can react to the live scores or situations in football betting.

What is a Combination Bet?

A combination bet is an option to cover your accumulator from losing by just one selection by placing several bets on every outcome selected. For example, if your combination bet consists of 5 selections, your combination bet could consist of ten treble bets or five accumulators of 4 selections.


What is a Double Bet?

A double bet is an accumulator bet of two selections, for example: both Barcelona to defeat Osasuna and Everton to win against Newcastle United. Both selections need to be correct to win the bet.

What is a Double Chance Bet?

This is when the bookies reduces the match result betting from three selections of “Home Win, Draw or Away Win” to just two potential selections of “Home Win or Draw or Away Win or Draw”. The punter will win as long as the team they select to win doesn’t lose, giving them double the chance that they would normally have to win.

What is Draw No Bet?

This is when a match result bet is void when there is a draw, meaning the punter receives their stake back.

What Does Drift Mean in Betting?

This is when the odds of a selection starts to increase as the likelihood of the result or outcome becomes more unlikely.


What is Evens in Betting?

This is when the bookmakers feel that the chance of a result is 50/50 and the winnings match the stake of the bet. Simply put, if you place a bet of £10 and your evens bet wins, you double your stake with returns of £20


What is a Favourite in Betting?

The team, player or individual outcome that has the shortest odds or the event with the highest likelihood of happening.

What Does First Goalscorer Mean in Betting?

Simply put, the player chosen to score the first goal in a football match.

What is a First Half Bet?

A bet placed where the punter only predicts and stakes on the outcomes in the first half.


What is Half Time Bet or Half Time Result?

This is a bet on the result at half time during a football match.

What is a Handicap in Betting?

This is a system used to make betting on the favourites of a match more interesting to the pundit by giving the unfavoured team a ‘head start’. If the team you have selected starts the game with at -1, the team selected needs to win by two or more goals for the bet to win, if the team selected wins by a single goal it is classed as a draw and the bet is lost.


What is IBAS?

IBAS is the abbreviation of the Independent Arbitration Betting Service, an arbitration governor licensed to settle any disputes between punters and bookmakers.


What is a Longshot in Betting?

A longshot is another term for underdog, where a team or outcome is deemed unlikely to happen and should be reflected with high odds.


What is Match Betting?

Operating as one of the most popular forms of betting in football, this particular wager involves taking your pick from one of two teams, where the implications of the bet are dependent on the outcome of an event. If the points are shared come close of play, a draw is also available to punt on.

What’s a monkey in betting?

As absurd as it sounds, slang for when bookmakers mean £500.

What are multiples?

More commonly known as accumulators, multiples allow you to place more than one bet simultaneously. This is an especially appealing wager considering that doubles and trebles are common bets placed by football fans. The former includes two selections from two different events where the odds are combined, whereas the latter involves three.


What is a no-action bet?

Exactly what it says on the tin – a bet where no money is won or lost.

What is a number spread in betting?

A number spread is an index that gleans its information on the number of runs, points – and in this case, goals – scored in an event.


What is meant by Odds in Betting?

Ask the bookie or any football fan and you’ll get the same as us – the bread and butter of sports betting also referred to as the price or returns offered for a bet to come true.

What does odds-on mean?

A term that refers to a price where the odds are less than evens (the fractional word, or if you’re sitting on the other side of the fence, 2).

What does odds-against mean?

The exact opposite of odds-on: when the odds are greater than evens or 2.

What is an outright bet?

One of the simplest and easiest wagers to place – the outright bet. This involves a single wager on the outcome of an event, be it the team that wins the Champions League, the horse that wins the Gold Cup, or the politician who emerges triumphant in the latest bout of elections.

What is an outsider in betting?

Any team that’s not wagering as the favourite.

What is an over in betting?

Otherwise known as total goals betting, this particular trade involves the punter taking their pick from two options where a draw is not possible. A common example is over/under 2.5 goals.


What is a patent bet?

A patent bet is a big one – seven bets involving three selections in different events, with a single on each selection plus three doubles and a treble. Yep, we know, it’s a mouthful. And to top things off, just one successful selection guarantees a return.

What are ‘Point Spreads’ in betting?

A far easier term to understand, point spreads take a look at the predicted scoring differential between two opponents, as quoted by a sportsbook.

What is a pony in betting?

Another word out of the bookmaker’s guide to slang, this time meaning £25.

What does price mean in betting?

Betting or gambling odds, as per.

What are punters?

The people who do the punting of course. The fans that make it to the stands every week, and the 3 pm hopefuls who rock up with their Saturday accumulators, hoping for gambling glory.


What is request-a-bet?

Bookmakers now accept tailored bets in line with the needs of the punters. This means you can request a bet you can’t see available in the sportsbook from the operators – William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet365 – and they’ll be able to match your bet. How good is that?

What is a runner?

Quite simply, someone who does a favour for their mate and places a bet for them.


What is a scout in betting?

We all know a guy (or gal) who thinks they have an unusually strong wager in their grasp, be it betting on the underdog, or on a real niche market – that’s a scout.

What is a sharp in betting?

A sophisticated gambler, a real pro of the industry.

What are singles in betting?

Viewed as the simplest of all bets; all you have to do is stake on one team, one game, one outcome. And the result can only be victory or defeat. That’s as hard as it gets.

What is spread betting?

Similar to handicap betting, this particular bet is primarily used in North American sports. And it follows similar principles where you can punt on whether you think a team will win by three points or one. For the spread to come true, you’d need a -2 score.


What is a treble in betting?

A treble consists of 1 bet with three selections in three different events. The only true caveat is that you’ll need two of your minimum selections to get a maximum return.


What’s an under in betting?

Another popular football bet, on the opposite end of overs. For example, under 2.5 goals.


What’s an underdog in betting?

The team basking in the shadow of the favourites, expected to lose, but always in the mix to win.

What is a value bet?

Any odds that are better than the mathematical chance the team or player has of pulling off the outcome, for example, 10/1 on Manchester United winning the league.