FIFA 20: Ultimate Team mistakes you need to avoid

By Harry Edwards

Published: 11:30, 14 April 2020

For a few years now, the most popular aspect of FIFA games has been Ultimate Team.

From its debut in 2009, Ultimate Team has given players a chance to experiment with their FIFA experience, taking a squad online that they would have only previously been able to build on Career Mode.

In the past 11 years, Ultimate Team has evolved both on and off the pitch with the best of the best able to test themselves in Rivals and FUT Champions on FIFA 20.

There is a big gulf between those who regularly win all 30 of their FUT Champions games and those who play the mode more casually, with even the smallest of details making a massive difference.

But what are some of the mistakes a lot of FUT players are still making in FIFA 20? We’ve provided a list that could help those trying to move up the rankings.

1. Forgetting about tactics

If your primary focus on FUT is playing offline modes Squad Battles or Single Player Drafts, then tactics may not really come into your mind – unless you’re playing on Legendary every game. But online, they make a big difference.

In pitting yourself against other players around the world, you will need to micromanage every aspect of your team. So that means changing the tactics to fit your playing style, how your team defends, how they attack, how many players will go into the box for corners and so much more.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mistakes: Forgetting tactics

You also need to get the right individual instructions for your players, ensuring your midfielders aren’t all making runs into the box, opening up gaps in front of your defence ready to be countered. Pay attention to the player’s work rates too, as they will be crucial in deciding which roles you choose.

But where online differs from offline, you’ll be coming up against players doing similar, which can often take the fun out of FIFA – though it is crucial if you want to rack up the all-important wins in Rivals and FUT Champions.

2. Falling for packs

Outside of gameplay, one of the most popular parts of Ultimate Team are the packs, particularly when a new Team of the Week comes out or there is a promotion running.

Ranging from the most basic Bronze Pack, costing 400 coins, to the 7,500-coin Premium Gold Pack – of those available all year round – the packs offer users a chance to fill their squad with a number of players and consumables.

But while these will be vital in the early stages of your Ultimate Team career, whether you’re using coins or buying FIFA Points, as you progress the rewards aren’t worth the cost.

Yes, there is still the thrill of packing a Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo even from a 100k or 125k pack but the chances of that happening are extremely slim. That’s why it’s good that you always check the pack probabilities before making the decision.

For example, a 125k pack during the recent FUT Birthdays promo only gave a 3% chance of packing a player rated 90 or higher – meaning there was a 97% chance of getting someone that wouldn’t make the coins or FIFA Points spent worthwhile.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team pack probability

Instead, you might be better off saving that 125k to actually spend on players, guaranteeing the stars you want in your team.

3. Favouring popular real-life players

Another common error for FIFA Ultimate Team players is to just go for the best players in real life and getting them into a team. But that’s not always the option, even if we forget about how important chemistry is for Ultimate Team.

Quite simply, the best players aren’t always the best on Ultimate Team. Now, we’re obviously not talking about the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar or any of the other 90+ rated players, rather some of those slightly lower down the top 100.

For example, Sergio Busquets is regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world and rightfully so. But on Ultimate Team he’s one you really want to be avoiding if you’re going to contest with the best. Despite being 89-rated, the Spaniard has just 42 pace, and speed is crucial on Ultimate Team in FIFA 20 with so many players setting up to counter-attack.

Across FIFA 20 there are so many players available for a lot cheaper than Busquets who would be able to do a better job, as they are considered “overpowered” or meta.

4. Ignoring your own playing style

Similar to the above point, some players look to the internet for their inspiration when trying to build the Ultimate Team. And while there is no problem with that, it’s crucial you take into account your own playing style.

What works for one player, helping them win with ease, might not be best for you as it’s completely different to how you’re used to playing – even if you consider yourself a pro at the game. Often this happens when it comes to particular players, as those holding the controls experience different results.

When working with a balanced team, it won’t be long for you to find out which players do and do not fit your playing style. It can be frustrating, especially if the player is such a good one, but keeping them in your side will often be detrimental to your progress.

5. Going too big too early

When you’ve just picked up a new Ultimate Team season, ready to get underway, it can be easy to try and rush into things.

Starting with a largely bronze squad, and a few gold-rated players, you’ll undoubtedly want to quickly fill your squad with stars. But this isn’t always the best strategy.

If you’ve come across a large amount of coins, perhaps through winning matches, or weekly rewards it can be tempting to go for a higher-rated player.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mistakes: Going too big, too quickly

But there is no point in doing so if the rest of your squad is still below average. Having someone like Harry Kane leading the line can be pretty useless if he doesn’t link up with the rest of your players and you have a bronze-rated goalkeeper. Instead, be patient and slowly build your team, keeping a decent and balanced squad before making the bigger moves.

6. Ignoring chemistry styles

Something that is unique to Ultimate Team on FIFA 20 is chemistry styles, which means they can easily be forgotten – but do not forget them.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mistakes: Forgetting chem styles

These consumables can boost specific stats of your individual players when applied, making them better when the right chemistry style is added. Want to make your winger more dangerous when it comes to shooting? Add a chemistry style. Need more pace in midfield to protect your backline? Add a chemistry style.

There are chemistry styles that fit certain players better than others, so a little research is key to ensuring you do not waste them on the wrong man.

To get the best out of your team, you ideally want a chemistry style on each of your players, playing to their strengths, with the exception of your goalkeeper – it is often best to just leave them at Basic.

7. Ignoring Squad Building Challenges

A part of Ultimate Team since FIFA 18, Squad Building Challenges are another fun and interesting thing to spend your time doing outside of playing games – but they are also useful.

If you’ve somehow managed to get yourself a batch of high-rated players that are untradeable and aren’t part of your main squad, most likely through the season or Rival rewards, then SBCs are for you.

All throughout the season, EA Sports have made special Player of the Month cards available through SBCs that have been pretty decent. Although the requirements are often high, such as three 87+-rated squads, they are very much worth it, especially if you’re looking for the best players.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mistakes: Ignoring SBCs

There are also other special cards available through SBCs and, at the time of writing, a Mid Icon pack that could be good if you have the players spare for it.

But, like packs, there is also a bit of luck involved in certain SBCs, for example an 81+ player upgrade. While there is every chance you could receive a good player, there is also a big possibility of you getting an 81-rated card, a real kick in the teeth considering you’ve just lost 11 players for the mediocrity.

Take on the SBCs by all means, but do it wisely.