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Every player to drop out of the Top 100 for FIFA 20

By Harry Edwards

Published: 12:06, 7 September 2019

The anticipation for FIFA 20 is growing, with the latest edition of EA Sports’ series just three weeks away.

With the hype building and the football season is underway, EA Sports are just days away from starting to reveal the ratings of the game’s best players.

The company have already released a trailer containing several teases. This was accompanied by the top 100 players for FIFA 20, albeit without letting their ratings slip or giving an order.

And while some players have been given boosts since last year’s FIFA after good campaigns for club and country, there have also been declines.

In total, 24 players from last season’s top 100 have failed to make the cut this time around – though Arjen Robben’s absence is due to his retirement and Medhi Benatia and Luis Filipe’s leagues are not included in the game (Qatar and Brazil respectively).

So, who are the 21 remaining active and eligible players to have dropped out of the top 100? Read on to find out.

Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 85

Riyad Mahrez did not have the worst season with Manchester City last year as they won the Premier League, but his performances were not enough to keep up with those around him and the rising stars for FIFA 20.

Marco Asensio (Real Madrid)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 85

Another player who was on the periphery of FIFA 19’s top 100, Marco Asensio drops out after a poor season for Real Madrid in which he managed just six goals across all competitions. Like Mahrez, Asensio’s rating could have stayed the same, but he has been overtaken by rivals.

Edin Dzeko (AS Roma)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 85

As age catches up with Edin Dzeko, his standing in FIFA goes down, and the Roma striker has been knocked out of the top 100 for FIFA 20. Fourteen goals in 40 games last season is not enough to keep Dzeko among the game’s top strikers, and a rating drop is a possibility.

Vincent Kompany (Anderlecht)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 85

Now player-manager of Anderlecht, Vincent Kompany is likely to be taking a big rating hit on FIFA 20, with his age also playing a factor. As a result, the Belgian has dropped out of the top 100 players.

Arturo Vidal (Barcelona)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 85

Arturo Vidal only started 22 La Liga games for Barcelona this season. It is not that he was bad, but you could also say Vidal’s performances failed to write many headlines. As such, the Chilean midfielder’s standings in FIFA 20 have taken a hit.

Diego Costa (Atletico Madrid)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 85

Diego Costa spent much of last season hampered with injuries, making only 21 appearances across all competitions. And in his those 21 appearances, the striker managed just five goals, causing his FIFA rating to most likely drop from 85.

Radja Nainggolan (Cagliari)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 85

Once regarded as one of Europe’s finest midfielders, Radja Nainggolan had a tough season with Inter Milan in 2018/19 and it appears to have affected his FIFA 20 standing, dropping out of the top 100.

Nemanja Matic (Manchester United)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 86

Another midfielder to have endured a poor year, Nemanja Matic looks set to see his rating dip from the 86 he was given in FIFA 19, a big enough fall to lose is space in the top 100 players.

Douglas Costa (Juventus)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 86

Now in the game representing Piemonte Calcio, Douglas Costa will no doubt have seen his rating fall after missing the second half of last season with various injury problems. You can’t get a good rating if you’re not playing.

Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 86

Once Mr. Reliable for Chelsea, Cesar Azpilicueta has shown signs of weakness over the past year, and it appears EA Sports have been paying attention. Rated 86 in FIFA 19, Azpilicueta’s standing appears to have fallen enough to knock him out of the top 100.

Naldo (Monaco)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 86

Another defender going into FIFA 20 off the back of a poor season, Naldo struggled seriously with Monaco last time out and, as a result, loses his status as a top-100 player in the upcoming game.

Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 86

Recently celebrating his 31st birthday, Jerome Boateng is still capable of playing at the top level. However, that is not enough to keep him in FIFA 20’s top 100.

Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 86

Like Boateng, Nicolas Otamendi is more than a capable defender, but his lack of consistency in Manchester City’s starting XI last season appears to have caught up with him for FIFA 20.

Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 86

Mesut Ozil receives a lot of criticism for his sporadic play for Arsenal. The playmaker drops out of FIFA 20’s top 100, potentially losing his 86 rating in the process.

Ivan Perisic (Bayern Munich)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 86

One of many to suffer the post-World Cup curse, Ivan Perisic’s 2018/19 form for Inter Milan was poor, so much so he falls out of the best 100 hundred players in FIFA 20.

Alexis Sanchez (Inter Milan)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 87

Some may have been surprised to see Alexis Sanchez with a high rating of 87 last season, but the Chilean’s absence in FIFA 20’s top 100 will come as no surprise, such is the poor form he finds himself in.

Andres Iniesta (Vissel Kobe)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 87

Now 35, Andres Iniesta’s FIFA 20 rating appears to have taken a big dip after his first year in Japan’s J League.

Marek Hamsik (Dalian Yifang)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 87

Another player to see his rating drop following a move to Asia, Marek Hamsik’s exploits in China have not been enough to keep his FIFA 20 rating high enough for the top 100.

Gonzalo Higuain (Juventus)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 88

A poor year all round for Gonzalo Higuain means the striker is set to take a big fall in FIFA 20. Starting last year with a rating of 88, unproductive spells on loan with for AC Milan and Chelsea mean the Argentinian looks to be dropping at least to 85 if last year’s top 100 is anything to go by.

Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 88

Another 88-rated FIFA 19 star dropping out of the top 100 for FIFA 20, Gianluigi Buffon is no longer the top goalkeeper he once was. Now back at Juventus after a year with Paris Saint-Germain, Buffon is second-fiddle to Wojciech Szczesny, who also appears to have taken his top 100 spot.

Gareth Bale (Real Madrid)

Initial FIFA 19 rating: 88

Injuries and Zinedine Zidane seem to have finally got the better of Gareth Bale, whose rating looks to have taken a big hit for FIFA 20 – enough to drop him from 88 rated to out of the top 100.