FIFA 20: How to get the best out of Arsenal on VOLTA Football

By Harry Edwards

FIFA 20 tips: How to get the best out of Arsenal on VOLTA Football

Published: 14:30, 15 March 2020 | Updated: 10:50, 3 October 2022

We’re now in March and for some players, FIFA 20 might be getting a bit old.

Campaigns will have been completed, Ultimate Team may be too easy and Pro Clubs wins now little more than routine.

But that doesn’t mean you need to be done with FIFA 20. Not by a long shot. Because there’s still VOLTA Football.

We’re not talking about the journey-style mode, a throwback of sorts to FIFA Street’s Career Mode. Just the simple kick-off.

With the possibility to use every team that comes with FIFA 20, there are a variety of different options to keep the game fresh depending on who you pick.

Despite not having the greatest of seasons in real life, Arsenal have an interesting squad on FIFA 20 with some big names ready to be utilised. But how can you get the best out of them on FIFA 20 VOLTA Football?

3v3 rush

Starting off with complete chaos, 3v3 rush is one of the most exciting game modes if you like goals. But that’s why it’s key you have a good formation to keep you on top of your opponents, with just three players each and no goalkeepers.

FIFA 20 tips Arsenal Volta Football 3v3 rush

One of the more popular formations in 3v3 the 1-1-1 offers coverage in all three outfield positions, but it can only work with the right personnel.

For Arsenal that starts with David Luiz as the defender, who is the Gunners‘ highest rated when it comes to the defending attribute (81). But, as everyone knows, he is also fairly capable in attack with 74 passing, 71 dribbling and 65 shooting, meaning he won’t be completely redundant going forward.

In the midfield you need someone who is equally as good in attack as he is in defending and for Arsenal that’s Dani Ceballos. The Spaniard’s 68 defending is almost as good as his 70 shooting, but he is much better at passing (79) and dribbling (83), enhanced by four-star skill moves.

Again, the key of the 1-1-1 is having players players who will contribute at both ends of the pitch, which is why Alexandre Lacazette is the preferred choice as a striker. The Frenchman’s 43 defending isn’t great, but in comparison to his fellow Arsenal attackers, it’s high. Naturally he makes up for this with good attacking attributes including 83 shooting and 85 dribbling. And, some may be surprised, he also has four-star skill moves and four-star weak foot.


Although 4v4 is just 3v3 rush with goalkeepers, for some teams you don’t want to just copy over the formation. And Arsenal are one of those sides.

FIFA 20 tips Arsenal Volta Football 4v4

Arsenal can line up fairly well in the 0-2-1 Triangle formation, utilising two deeper players and an attacker, as well as the goalkeeper – Bernd Leno in this instance.

The deeper players can be either midfielders or defenders and we’ve gone for one to each, striking a decent balance as they will be required to help offensively. Sead Kolasinac is the defensive option in this regard with pretty consistent attributes across the board. His 75 pace is nothing to laugh at as he can still get up and down the short pitches if you need him too, and he’ll do his bit with 75 defending, 71 passing and 87 physical.

Partnering him in the midfield, Lucas Torreira is another defensive-minded player that can contribute in attack if you need him too. His 67 shooting and 76 passing work well with 80 dribbling. But, he’ll also be ready to protect Leno with 80 defending and 74 physical.

Up front for the first time is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as there will be slightly less impetus on him to defend. This means you’ll be able to make the most of his 93 pace, 80 dribbling and 85 shooting.

4v4 rush

If you want 4v4 but fancy the rush of having no goalkeeper, then you’ll need another new formation. For 4v4 rush with Arsenal, we recommend the 1-1-2, otherwise known as ‘The Y’.

FIFA 20 tips Arsenal Volta Football 4v4 rush

‘The Y’ is all about the press so the ability the cross down defenders quickly is key, and pace plays a part in that. But, starting at the back, Luiz returns as the dedicated defensive option, with 81 defending ensuring the goal is (relatively) safe without a goalkeeper.

Sitting ahead of him in the midfield role is Nicolas Pepe, last summer’s arrival who is a pretty decent option to have playing just behind the attack two. He has 76 passing, 84 dribbling and 67 physical, not to mention 80 pace and 78 shooting.

Further forward, occupying one of the attacking roles is Gabriel Martinelli, Arsenal‘s young summer signing who has hit the ground running in real life. He’s not too bad for VOLTA either, with 86 pace and 75 dribbling, although his shooting of 68 could be improved on.

However, Martinelli’s average shooting doesn’t matter too much when you pair him with Aubameyang.


Moving onto the five-a-side options, 5v5 and Futsal, for Arsenal the best formation is the 1-2-1 Diamond.

FIFA 20 tips Arsenal Volta Football 5v5, Futsal

The most popular formation, there is a dedicated defender and striker, with two midfield players that can be used at both ends on the pitch.

Yet again Luiz is the best defensive option for Arsenal and he will be a good shield for Leno in goal, as he stays put rather than marauding up the pitch.

Ahead of him there are two different players who can both offer something interesting. The first is Granit Xhaka, who lacks pace to play as a winger but is impressive in other attributes that make him a good candidate. His passing of 80, 69 defending and 81 physical will be good enough for Xhaka to contribute in both defence and attack – just don’t expect him run down the wings.

But that’s okay, because on the other side is Kieran Tierney, who will run all day with 88 pace. Tierney will also be effective at both ends of the pitch with 75 dribbling, 72 passing, 72 defending and 81 physical, although his shooting at 59 is a negative.

Leading the line, as Arsenal’s best attacker, is Aubameyang who will thrive when allowed to focus on getting the goals.