FIFA 19 tips and tricks: expert advice from pro players at the ePremier League finals

By Squawka News

Published: 8:36, 4 April 2019

We all have a love-hate relationship with FIFA 19.

The game can lead to moments of euphoria; little can beat burying a last-minute screamer.

But it can also summon up some serious rage. Nothing compares to the frustration felt when your players simply don’t produce the world-class performances that you demand of them.

Of course, while glitches and game play are occasionally at fault, you need to shoulder some of the blame too.

Don’t deny it – sometimes you press the wrong button and sometimes your composure deserts you during moments of pressure.

Fortunately – if you’re willing to swallow your pride – Squawka is here to help and pass on a few tips on how to improve.

However, these aren’t your average pointers. Far from it. These are nuggets of knowledge from the ePremier League masters.

We travelled to the inaugural finals to speak to the professionals and you can watch the video at the top of the article to hear some insight from the players in the know.

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