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What’s going on with Ansu Fati’s prolonged recovery? The Barcelona starlet’s injury situation explained

By Dr Rajpal Brar

Published: 1:19, 5 April 2021

Barcelona starlet and Spanish international Ansu Fati has faced multiple setbacks on his road to returning from knee surgery in November – likely a repair procedure of the “internal meniscus” (AKA the medial/inner meniscus, which is a force-distributing and force-absorbing piece of cartilage tissue that sits between the knee joint) that initially had a return timeline of three to four months.

Throughout his course of treatment, the Barcelona medical staff has used “regenerative biological” treatment to expedite recovery and ramped up the player’s activity levels and then back down multiple times, with the player currently in a two-week ramp up.

Fati recently posted on Instagram about the prolonged recovery and how he’s approaching it:


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The prolonged recovery has led to many questions regarding the player’s status and rumours of additional surgeries. In the video above, I explained the player’s rehab process, addressed rumours about “secret surgeries” and consulted with a trusted sports orthopaedic surgeon to explain potential next steps if the current ramp up fails and follow-up surgery is needed.