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Euro 2020 group stage: Confirmed full draw and fixtures

By Harry Edwards

Published: 18:00, 30 November 2019

Although we do not know all 24 participants, the draw for the Euro 2020 group stage has been made.

The end of the official qualifying campaign saw 20 teams guarantee their spot in next year’s tournament, while the final four will be decided by play-offs.

Unlike in previous years, these play-offs will not take place until March 2020, and feature teams based on their ranking in the inaugural Uefa Nations League tournament in 2018/19.

With Euro 2020 being hosted by 12 different cities across Europe, to mark the 60 years since the first European Championships, qualified nations have been afforded the luxury of playing at home where they can.

As a result, many of the groups has started to fill out before Saturday’s draw. But, with the draw now complete, what is the line up for Euro 2020?

Group A

Group A’s games will be hosted by Rome and Baku so, before the draw was even made, Italy were already guaranteed a spot.

They have been joined by Switzerland, Turkey and Wales.

1. Turkey
2. Italy
3. Wales
4. Switzerland

Confirmed Group A fixtures:

12 June 2020: Turkey vs Italy (Rome)
13 June 2020: Wales vs Switzerland (Baku)
17 June 2020: Turkey vs Wales (Baku)
17 June 2020: Italy vs Switzerland (Rome)
21 June 2020: Switzerland vs Turkey (Baku)
21 June 2020: Italy vs Wales (Rome)

Group B

Group B was almost complete before the draw was even made, with Saint Petersburg and Copehagen hosting the games. Russia and Denmark were joined by Belgium, while Finland were also added after the draw.

Confirmed Group B fixtures:

1. Denmark
2. Finland
3. Belgium
4. Russia

13 June 2020: Denmark vs Finland (Copenhagen)
13 June 2020: Belgium vs Russia (Saint Petersburg)
17 June 2020: Finland vs Russia (Saint Petersburg)
18 June 2020: Denmark vs Belgium (Copenhagen)
22 June 2020: Russia vs Denmark (Copenhagen)
22 June 2020: Finland vs Belgium (Saint Petersburg)

Group C

Netherlands had their spot in Group C confirmed with Amsterdam one of the hosts, alongside Bucharest. They were joined by Ukraine pre-draw due to them being unable to be in the same group as Russia. Austria have also been confirmed in Group C.

Should Romania come through play-off Path A, they will complete the group as a second host. If not, the winner of play-off Path D will join Group C.

Confirmed Group C fixtures:

1. Netherlands
2. Ukraine
3. Austria
4. Winner of play-off Path A (Iceland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania) or D (Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus)

14 June 2020: Netherlands vs Ukraine (Amsterdam)
14 June 2020: Austria vs play-off winner A or D (Bucharest)
18 June 2020: Netherlands vs Austria (Amsterdam)
18 June 2020: Ukraine vs play-off winner A or D (Bucharest)
22 June 2020: Play-off winner A or D vs Netherlands (Amsterdam)
22 June 2020: Ukraine vs Austria (Bucharest)

Group D

Group D is hosted by London and Glasgow and, as a result, England were confirmed a spot before the draw was made. They have been joined by Croatia and Czech Republic, while the winner of play-off Path C – which includes Scotland – will complete the group.

Confirmed group:

1. England
2. Croatia
3. Winner play-off path C (Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Israel)
4. Czech Republic

14 June 2020: England vs Croatia (London)
15 June 2020: Play-off winner C vs Czech Republic (Glasgow)
19 June 2020: Croatia vs Czech Republic (Glasgow)
19 June 2020: England vs play-off winner C (London)
23 June 2020: Croatia vs play-off winner C (Glasgow)
23 June 2020: Czech Republic vs England (London)

Group E

With Bilbao one of Group E’s hosts, Spain’s spot was confirmed upon their qualification. They have been drawn against Sweden and Poland, while the winner of play-off Path B will complete the group due to Republic of Ireland’s presence as Dublin is the other host.

Confirmed group:

1. Spain
2. Sweden
3. Poland
4. Winner play-off path B (Bosnia, Slovakia, Ireland, Northern Ireland)

15 June 2020: Spain vs Sweden (Bilbao)
15 June 2020: Poland vs play-off winner B (Dublin)
19 June 2020: Sweden vs play-off winner B (Dublin)
20 June 2020: Spain vs Poland (Bilbao)
24 June 2020: Play-off winner B vs Spain (Bilbao)
24 June 2020: Sweden vs Poland (Dublin)

Group F

The final group of Euro 2020 is hosted by Munich and Budapest and, as such, Germany were guaranteed a spot. They have been joined by France and Portugal in a tasty group.

If Romania do not win play-off Path A, then the winner will complete Group F due to Hungary’s presence. A Romania play-off win would see the winner of Path D join this group of death.

Confirmed group:

1. Winner of play-off Path A (Iceland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania) or Path D (Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus)
2. Portugal
3. France
4. Germany

16 June 2020: Play-off winner A or D vs Portugal (Budapest)
16 June 2020: France vs Germany (Munich)
20 June 2020: Play-off winner A or D vs France (Budapest)
20 June 2020: Portugal vs Germany (Munich)
24 June 2020: Portugal vs France (Budapest)
24 June 2020: Germany vs play-off winner A or D (Munich)


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