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EA Sports reveal first details of FIFA 20’s VOLTA game mode

By Harry Edwards

Published: 15:14, 8 June 2019

EA Sports have released the first look at the latest addition to the FIFA series.

After the arrival of new Kick Off game modes in FIFA 19, FIFA 20 brings the return of street football to our consoles.

What has been announced about FIFA 20? Four key things to know…

  1. EA Sports have given fans the first look at their new FIFA game.
  2. FIFA 20 will allow players to take control of small-sided games in their new VOLTA game mode.
  3. Players will also be allowed to customise their on players for the mode, as they have been able to in previous editions of FIFA Street
  4. FIFA 20 is set for release on September 27, 2019.

Since its first release in 2005, fans have been in love with the FIFA Street series, a fun take on the main game which focuses on smaller skill-based matches – how the game would be played in streets all over the world, as it says on the tin.

The last edition came in 2012, and fans have been calling for a new version for the past few years, given the evolution of console gaming with PS4 and Xbox Ones.

There was a taste of it in FIFA 19’s The Journey mode, as it ends with a three-on-three game, and though a standalone game is still nought but a pipe dream, FIFA 20 will give players a chance to live street football.

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Much like the FIFA Street career modes of old, players can create their own fully-customisable avatar – male or female – with clothes and shoes being unlocked as the game progresses.

The size of games range from 3v3 to 5v5 and ‘Professional Football’ with a number of different areas available including a London cage, Amsterdam underpass and Tokyo rooftop.

Players will also be able to carry their VOLTA teams over to Kick-off mode and online, in the VOLTA League.

Fans react to FIFA 20’s VOLTA

With the big announcement revealed in a new trailer, FIFA fans were quick to express their excitement.