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Chelsea football chant lyrics & meanings explained

By Harry Edwards

Chelsea football chant lyrics explained

Published: 13:48, 4 May 2019

Football chants: one of many ways fans show support for their clubs.

Every team has their plethora of chants which they’ll bring out every week home and away, including Chelsea.

Some are fairly simple, repeating the team’s name over and over again, while others have clearly been worked on for some time by those who get them started at Stamford Bridge.

But what do some of the chants really mean?

Now obviously MANY football fan chants are offensive, or their meaning is just not safe for work, so we’ve avoided those.

We All Follow the Chelsea

Lyrics: To the tune of Land of Hope and Glory

We all follow the Chelsea,
Over land and sea (and Leicester!)
We all follow the Chelsea,
Onto victory!

All together now!

What does it mean?

Although the basis of the chant itself is pretty self-explanatory, the mini-dig at Leicester is a bit more confusing.

It is a rivalry not many would expect, but the added Leicester hatred comes from fights between the two sets of fans in the 1970s and 1980s. At its peak, a Boxing Day match between the two in 1979 was overshadowed by a clash off the pitch – from which derogatory chants on both sides were born.

Cesar ‘Dave’ Azpilicueta

Lyrics: To the tune of The Beach Boys – Sloop John B

We’ll just call you Dave,
We’ll just call you Dave,
We’ll just call you Dave.

What does it mean?

One of Chelsea’s most bizarre nicknames and chants, the Blues’ fans have been calling Cesar Azpilicueta ‘Dave’ pretty much since his signing in 2012.

While the chant is a fan favourite at Stamford Bridge, the nickname actually came from Azpilicueta’s Chelsea teammates. Perhaps due to difficulties in pronouncing the Spaniard’s surname, Chelsea players opted to affectionately dub him Dave, which is a reference to Trigger’s name for Rodney in the classic British sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

“César’s not even that hard,” Azpilicueta said in 2013. “But I suppose Azpilicueta is. Some said my name was too difficult to pronounce and could they call me Dave. It’s stuck. It’s also done affectionately.”

And though Chelsea fans can clearly pronounce the Spaniard’s surname, as demonstrated by the song, the nickname Dave has stuck.

Hudson-Odoi, Chelsea since birth

Lyrics: To the tune of Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier

Local lad from Wandsworth,
Been Chelsea since birth.
Rose through our academy,
Plays for club & country.
When he’s running down the wing,
You can hear the Chelsea boys
Oi oi oi Hudson-Odoi,
Oi oi oi Hudson-Odoi,
Oi oi oi Hudson-Odoi,
Oi oi oi Hudson-Odoi.

What does it mean?

Not content with the stock ‘He’s one of our own’ chant, Chelsea fans have decided to be a bit more creative with their ode to Callum Hudson-Odoi – potentially looking to remind the teenager of his roots amid Bayern Munich links.

Very much a Chelsea boy, Hudson-Odoi grew up in the south-west London borough of Wandsworth and joined the club as a seven-year-old in 2007. Rising through the ranks, Hudson-Odoi enjoyed a lot of success with the Blues’ youth teams, including two FA Youth Cups and often looked like a man playing among boys – such was his ability.

Despite making his first-team debut under Antonio Conte, Hudson-Odoi had been frustrated with his Chelsea game time and only recently began to start frequently in the Premier League after good Europa League performances.

Chelsea fans will be hoping they can continue singing the song next season.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek: the Lewisham Ballack

Lyrics: To the tune of Salt-N-Pepa – Push It

Been Chelsea since youth – but couldn’t get a game,
On Loan at Palace – it just wasn’t the same,
In centre mid now – he’s playing every week,
Lewisham Ballack – It’s Ruben Loftus-Cheek

Du du dududu it’s Ruben Loftus-Cheek

What does it mean?

The latest addition to Chelsea’s songbook praises another of their academy players.

Chelsea fans have long had to suffer seeing the club failing to utilise their wonderful youth system, with Ruben Loftus-Cheek one of those talents falling victim.

As a result, the Englishman was sent on loan to fellow Premier League side Crystal Palace and showed Chelsea what they were missing, earning himself a place in England’s World Cup squad.

And after a slow start under Maurizio Sarri, as the Italian learned more about his man, Loftus-Cheek appears to be Chelsea’s first-choice for the left side of their midfield, much to the delight of the Blues faithful.

Willian hates Tottenham

Lyrics: To the tune of The Piranhas – Tom Hark

The s*** from Spurs, they bought his flight,
But Willian he saw the light,
He got the call from Abramovich,
And off he went to Stamford Bridge.
He hates Tottenham, he hates Tottenham,
He hates Tottenham and he hates Tottenham.

What does it mean?

Willian is somewhat of a fanbase-splitting player at Stamford Bridge. Some feel the Brazilian does not do enough to warrant starting ahead of certain youngsters, but that doesn’t stop his name being chanted at every Chelsea game – though much of the reason for this is probably due to the latter line.

In August 2013, Willian had travelled to London to undergo a medical at Tottenham Hotspur, which he did complete. But while the medical was ongoing, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich agreed a deal with his Anzhi Makhachkala counterpart Suleyman Kerimov.

The deal would see Chelsea pay slightly more than Tottenham’s proposed offer and result in Willian joining the Blues.

There were reports the Brazilian had little say in his move, but Willian has since revealed Chelsea were always his first choice, and the Tottenham move only came as there was no other option.

“You know my objective was to go to Chelsea, but since Chelsea don’t want, then we’re going to Tottenham,” he said in 2018.

“I said ‘oh, I’m going to sign with Tottenham, anyway, there’s no other option’.

“Then we’re going in the van, on the way, get to the training centre, Kia [Joorabchian], my agent, is already down there, waiting. I thought it was weird, he was already at the door.

“Then I got out of the van, he said, ‘we have problems’. I said ‘oh, what happened?’ Then he [said] ‘Chelsea made an offer’.

“I said, ‘So make do, I’ll get back in the van, you’ll make do and I’ll go to Chelsea, I will not sign with Tottenham.”