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Most chances created: Bundesliga 2021/22 season standings

By Harry Edwards

Most chances created: Bundesliga 2021/22 season standings

Published: 16:43, 9 August 2021

Some players are blessed with the ability to create chances and others, unfortunately, are not.

It takes a particular type of player to be able to carve out an opportunity for their teammate by spotting a gap in a defensive line, whether through producing a pinpoint pass, whipping in a stunning cross, or executing an accurate set-piece.

Over the years, the Bundesliga has been home to some of the top chance creators in the game and even after a big departure, 2021/22 looks set to bring more of the same. Mr. Underrated Thomas Müller was the creative king of the German top flight last season, as the only man to hit the 90+ mark with 93 chances created – with all but five coming from open play. The German finished four chances clear of Eintracht Frankfurt’s Filip Kostic (89), but the Serbian’s future in the Bundesliga isn’t guaranteed.

There was then a big jump to Christopher Nkunku of RB Leipzig who completed the top three with 71 chances created, 33 of which came from set pieces. After Nkunku, there’s a long train of players separated by just one chance created, starting with Christian Günter on 68. He finished the campaign one clear of Jadon Sancho, who has now left the Bundesliga for Manchester United, with Joshua Kimmich (66) and Vincenzo Grifo (65) following after the Englishman.

Christopher Trimmel, Jonas Hofmann and Borna Sosa completed the top 10 and are all still in the Bundesliga, joining the long list of players hoping to take Thomas Müller’s crown while trying also trying dethrone Bayern Munich with their teams.

Can it be done? Or will it be business as usual for Müller and Bayern? Keep track of the top 10 assist leaders below as the 2021/22 campaign progresses.

Most chances created Bundesliga 2020/21 season: Final table standings

Players with the same amount of chances created are separated by minutes played.

Position Player Chances created Set-piece chances created Assists Minutes Played
1st Thomas Müller 93 5 18 2,682
2nd Filip Kostic 89 25 14 2,535
3rd Christopher Nkunku 71 33 6 1,892
4th Christian Günter 68 19 3 3,060
5th Jadon Sancho 67 18 11 2,069
6th Joshua Kimmich 66 27 10 2,197
7th Vincenzo Grifo 65 28 10 2,327
8th Christopher Trimmel 60 31 9 2,580
9th Jonas Hofmann 57 33 11 1,824
10th Borna Sosa 57 18 9 2,045