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Who do ‘neutral’ Premier League fans want to win all-English European finals?

By Squawka News

Published: 9:52, 29 May 2019

We’ve got two all-English European final on our hands – who would have predicted that?

Probably not many people after Liverpool got spanked at the Camp Nou and Spurs left themselves with a mountain to climb in Amsterdam.

But the pair will battle it out for Champions League supremacy in Madrid while London rivals Arsenal and Chelsea will vie for Europa League glory in the unglamorous setting of Azerbaijan.

So, with 20% of England’s top tier still in with a chance of lifting a European trophy over the next week or so – we want to know who the ‘neutral’ Premier League fans want to see come out on top.

Sure, there are domestic rivalries that may well dictate opinions – or can they be put to one side?

We asked a fan of each club to find out….

Aston Villa

@thevillazone: “I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Liverpool win the Champions League instead of Tottenham and Arsenal to win the Europa League.


@CherryChimes: “Liverpool because I think Jurgen Kopp has been brilliant in building a team to compete with the very best. I’m not fussed about Chelsea or Arsenal but pleased though that it will be an English club that wins.”


@wearebrighton: “Choosing between Liverpool fans crowing about being European Champions or Spurs fans crowing about being European Champions is like picking which one of your arms you want cut off. Just leaning towards Spurs as it would be hilarious for Liverpool to win nothing again after the season they’ve had.

“Arsenal for the Europa League. We ended their hopes of a top-four finish with our 1-1 draw at the Emirates and Yves Bissouma laughing about it on the pitch as all their players sat around with heads in hands was fantastic. But even so, it would be good to have five English teams in the Champions League next year.”


@DLRbrts: “As a neutral, I’m pleased that there are all-English finals for the two main European competitions this season.

“I’d prefer to see Liverpool and Chelsea win. Liverpool deserve some reward for their incredible season and – purely for all the last minute offside/handball goals the Gunners have scored against Burnley in recent seasons – I’d prefer to see a Chelsea win in Baku.”

Crystal Palace

@cpfcaIfie: “I would like Liverpool to win the Champions League and Chelsea to win the Europa League.”


@TomClarke40: “Spurs – ‘five times’ has to be the most gloated phrase in the red half of Liverpool, and we wouldn’t hear the last of it if that were to become six.

“Arsenal – not too bothered either way about this one, but would hate to see Ross Barkley celebrating a trophy win on my TV after some of his backhanded comments about Everton since leaving.”

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@FIRST4LCFC: “I want Chelsea to win because I think Maurizio Sarri has been hard done by the media and fans this season.

“A title may not be enough but it’s more than a lot of managers achieve at Chelsea – it will also be a good send off for Eden Hazard.

“As for the Champions League – Liverpool. I think Spurs fans would be unbearable if they won it.”

Manchester City

@City_Xtra: “Spurs. You might think ‘why are we backing the team that knocked us out of the Champions League?!’

“The answer to that is simple – Liverpool. How glorious would it be to see a trophyless campaign for Jurgen Klopp’s men, a side that has been labelled as one of the best sides ever to grace the Premier League!

“Arsenal. We don’t particularly have a preference, however, their run in the knock-out stages has been against more difficult opponents and so you might argue they would be the more worthy winners.”

Manchester United

@AidanWalshMUFC: “Spurs or Liverpool? That’s an easy question for a Manchester United fan, I’m hoping Spurs win all day long.

“Chelsea or Arsenal? Chelsea, I don’t like either club but dislike Arsenal fans more.”


@100PctMAGS: “I think Liverpool for the Champions League because they deserve to win something this season with how they have performed.

“As for the Europa League final, I would say Chelsea to win as Arsenal have had a poor season drawing too many games.”

Norwich City

@Thomas_Rooney: “I would love to see Klopp rewarded with a major trophy for the transformation of this side. Lose this one and you wonder if he’ll ever do it.

“As for Chelsea and Arsenal – I’m not sure I could care less. I’d probably go for Arsenal at a push as I actually think Unai Emery has done a better job than their league position suggests and it’s an extra English team in the Champions League next season.”

Sheffield United

@bladespod: “Spurs winning would be a good story but I’ll have to say Liverpool. They’ve had an incredible season, they’re brilliant to watch, and I’d like to see them have some silverware to show for it. Plus Klopp is my favourite manager who’s not called Chris Wilder.

“For the Europa League, I’ll go with Arsenal as they have more at stake what with Chelsea already qualified for the Champions League. Plus, it would be nice to see them win it for Henrikh Mkhitaryan.”


Mikey Davis: “Spurs… All day! The majority of Saints fans are happy to see Mauricio Pochettino succeeding at Spurs and he’s always very gracious of his time with us at Saints.

“We all know about Liverpool taking all of our better players as well so picking Spurs is a no brainer.

“As for the Europa League I’d say Arsenal. Being honest I don’t if Saints fans are too fussed about this one. But if I had to choose one it would be the Gunners, purely based on their style of football.”


@AndyLewers: “Champions League; Spurs, as I’d like to witness someone new win the competition. Europa League; Arsenal, as I feel they have made more of a stand against the game being played in Baku than Chelsea.”

West Ham

@Irons_Home: “It’s got to be Liverpool. I cannot bear to see Spurs winning the Champions League, but fair play to Pochettino.

“Arsenal. Again, with Chelsea being one of our closest rivals I want the north side of London to come up trumps here. With the upcoming transfer ban as well Chelsea could be in trouble next season.”


@Talkingwolves: “Spurs – I think the job Pochettino has done on such a limited budget is fantastic. Spurs are definitely underdogs but it would be great to see them lift the trophy.

“Arsenal – It would be great to see five Premier League teams in next year’s Champions League. Emery has had a decent first year and this could be a good platform for Arsenal to build on.”