Top 3: Most Creative Teams In Europe, With New-Look Liverpool Leading The Way

An abundance of goals were scored throughout the top-5 leagues last season. The dominant clubs in Spain’s La Liga, Barcelona and Real Madrid, scored 218 goals between them, whereas Ligue 1 champions Paris Saint-Germain only managed 69 goals – the lowest amount of goals for a title-winning side throughout the top-5 leagues.

In order to score an incredible amount of goals you need a team full of creative and intelligent players orchestrating the flow of the game; the heart of the team, constructing chance after chance. Goals often dry up without these magical individuals and league points seem harder and harder to obtain.

While Europe’s elite sides are blessed with some of the world’s greatest footballers – midfielders who would effortlessly step into any side – others are often less fortunate. A team that lacks creative midfielders capable of accurate passes may focus on working as a team instead, following their manager’s tactical instructions and guidelines in order to craft out goalscoring opportunities, training ground drills executed to precision.

Which three teams created the greatest number of chances in the hunt for goals last season? Browse through the slides to find out!