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Messi gets boosted FIFA 17 ratings to trump Ronaldo in attacking attributes

Messi gets boosted FIFA 17 ratings to trump Ronaldo in attacking attributes

Every football fans love to debate who is the better player between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, but it appears FIFA now have a slight idea in mind.

The pair are regarded as two of the finest footballers of all time and their sheer class often separates fans when they debate which star is the better all-round individual.

FIFA, however, sided with Ronaldo when they released their new edition back in September, after the 31-year-old won the Champions League and helped Portugal lift the European Championships in 2016.

However, after Ronaldo claimed Fifa’s best player award earlier this week, which came after he won the Ballon d’Or as well, FIFA 17 put together a Team of the Year.

Nothing has changed in the sense that Ronaldo remains the game’s highest-rated player, but it appears Messi has been handed improved stats in the key attacking departments.

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Image via The Sun.

As The Sun points out, Messi’s attacking attributes – passing, dribbling, shooting and pace – make an average score of 98, meaning the Barcelona forward beats his rival’s 97 rounded score.

But Ronaldo is still handed a higher overall rating due to his defensive skills, despite EA keeping Messi ahead in the attacking department.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a 48% shot accuracy in the league this season.


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