Manchester United v Liverpool to make Premier League history with birds-eye view “Spidercam”

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Manchester United face Liverpool on Sunday afternoon and aside from it being one of England’s biggest games, it will also mark the introduction of the famous ‘Spidercam’.

The Red Devils play host to their fierce rivals this coming weekend and will be hoping to continue their fine form against an out-of-sorts Liverpool team, who suffered defeat in the EFL Cup on Wednesday.

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Whilst all the focus will be on proceedings on the pitch, there will be some new technology on show off of it.

According to the Mail, the game will feature a camera known as ‘Spidercam’ operating from above the pitch in the North West to cover all aspects of the game.

Sky Sports will introduce the birds-eye view technology for the mouthwatering game for the first time ever in the Premier League.

The state-of-the-art camera will remind many supporters of when it has usually been in use at major international tournaments or Champions League finals.

“A game as big as Manchester United against Liverpool feels like the right time to use it for the first time in a Premier League fixture,” Sky Sports’ Head of Football Gary Hughes said.

“It is one of the biggest games in world football and the intention is to get the viewer closer to the game, which is what this technology enables.

“It will mostly come into its own at set-pieces, like free-kicks, corners or penalties, when it can go directly above the action and give you the fullest view looking down directly on what is happening. I think it will become a big tool in analysis — Jamie Redknapp and Thierry Henry will be using it on Monday Night Football.”

The camera will be suspended above the pitch via four wires attached to each corner of the ground and an operator will be the one tasked to follow the action, after it was approved by the council on Monday.

The camera, as per the report, will be fluctuating between 10 and 40 metres above the pitch and getting a birds-eye view of everything the players do in the heavyweight clash.

Manchester United have scored six goals from set-pieces in the league this season.


Omar Hamouda
Omar Hamouda


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